Problems with transactions

Just got a message that curve is having problems processing transactions. Not much help when I only carry my curve card and am in the middle of a 12 hrs shift. If my card doesn’t work what can I do?


Do you use Apple Pay with any of the underlying cards? Curve is a fintech, just like Monzo and Revolut and they seem to use the same payment processors, so carrying a backup/Apple Pay card is always recommended!

Not Apple Pay no. Only payment I have on my phone is Tesco pay. So I can get food but don’t think they accept it for fuel.

Tesco fuel stations do accept Tesco Pay but unfortunately you have to go inside and can’t use it at the pump.

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This is happening more and more frequently

Will it make any difference to use apple pay, if Curve support apple pay 1 day?

I agree it is recommended but basically means Curve’s USP of the only card you need’ is a load of rubbish.


I just had all my transactions with curve today declined
Incl cash Tesco Waitrose and tfl

Today I made 1 transaction with Curve (in the morning) - was OK.

I work in the care industry and try to carry as little as possible so usually only carry my Curve card. It defeats the object of curve if I then have to carry a second card as a back up.

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Always good to carry a backup card
Card can get damage, system can fail

What is the point of Curve if you have to carry a backup card?

Welcome to the community @Fillerbunny!
In my case, for the point of having Curve in my wallet is that I am traveling all the time, and yes, I carry always another card just in case, but it saves me of taking with me all the time my 10 credit cards from my 7 different banks I have money in at different countries. Besides I dont have to worry about paying extra fees of conversion of currency weather I am flying to UK, Norway, or Hungary :wink:
One the side of course also you can also enjoy insurances with Curve in case you are a black or a metal customer :slight_smile:

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Totally agree. Defeats the object of Curve

The only major transaction struggle that I have encountered is with merchants that use AVS technology. Unfortunately another card is required when this is the case.

Pay at Pump won’t work on Curve as it can force you into a Un-arranged overdraft something that Curve doesn’t support, multiple online based cards seem to have this stopped from experience and testing. Seen a lot of cases where people will simply place a credit of £1.00 onto the card and get a full tank of fuel and enter into a overdraft. It’s stopped for a reason.

Pay at pump not working is not too much of a problem its not too much trouble to walk inside to pay.
Its not being able to use it to get lunch or a drink when working is my bug bear
I am not allowed to carry cash around while working and i try to carry as little other rubbish as possible having to carry a second card defeats having a curve card.