Profile button does not open profile (or otherwise work)

I believe it’s possible to end up with a profile that breaks after being updated manually by support, and which the Android client fails to show or display an error for.

Curve 2.12.13, updated S9+ (see details below).


  • Unable to open help unless via transaction
  • Unable to open settings
  • Unable to list all the things you can reach via the profile when you’ve forgotten the rest

Steps to reproduce

  1. Update your current address via support
    • Country might be necessary
  2. Open the app
  3. Select the Wallet tab if necessary
  4. Press the Profile button in the upper left corner, the silhouette/user icon

Software details

Show technical software details
Ver. Release 9
Ver. SDK 28
Ver. Codename REL
Locale en_US
Manufacturer samsung
Brand samsung
Model SM-G965F
Device star2lte
Display PPR1.180610.011.G965FXXS7CSK4
Hardware samsungexynos9810
Host 21HH1F19
ID PPR1.180610.011
Product star2ltexx
Serial unknown
Tags release-keys
Type user
User dpi
Board universal9810
Bootloader G965FXXS7CSK4
CPU 1 arm64-v8a