Profile - Help - Support: Failed to get articles ... Failed to get tickets

In the Curve app, I get this bottom error code: “Failed to get articles” when I select help in profile and … and my messages all failed with the bottom error message “Failed to get tickets”.
Does anyone else have this problem? - How to remedy ?

I’m getting the same. Several failed messages when I contact support regarding a transaction, no matter what I do. Help topics not available, either.

Are we the only two users experiencing this problem ?

Nope. Actually it is a known issue.
The remedy is to contact them in a different way e.g. email ( or Twitter (@askcurve).
And support articles can be found here:

I have sent more than 10 emails - (to AND to ). Thank you, I will now try your suggestion:

(should) all lead to the same ‘mailbox’. probably as well.

I would suggest using Twitter.