Profile icon missing

Issue: Profile icon at top right of Account tab disappears, restricting access to that screen and settings.

How to reproduce it: When you first open the app, go to the Account tab. You will see the Profile icon at the top right. Come out of the app, reopen it and go to Account. The icon is now missing. Force stopping the app and reopening brings the icon back.

OS: Android 10 with all available security updates.

Device: Google Pixel 3 XL

App version: 2.29.1


Icon visible:

Icon missing:

I’ve tried tapping in the space where the icon should be to see if you can still access the Profile screen. This doesn’t work, so until you force close the app you cannot access profile information or certain settings.

Hello @danmullen,

Thank you for reporting it, our team is looking into it :blush:

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It will be fixed in the next app version :smiley: