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I have received the £10 reward for my sign up bonus but cannot spend it? I have tried getting it as cash and paying on card but it just gets declined??

If Curve Cash is selected as your payment card you need to ensure the amount you’re trying to charge is at or below the balance available. If it’s above the transaction will be declined.

You have to pay using Curve with an underlying card for the first time to activate your welcome bonus, otherwise you won’t be able to spend it.

Make sure that there’s enough GBP in “balance” when using Curve Cash to pay.

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My card is activated already and I tried to spend £10 which is the exact amount I have but it still gets declined?

Make sure there’s enough GBP on Curve Cash’s balance.

Just to let you know, you can’t withdraw money using Curve Cash.

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Can you spend it in any shops?

Yes, you can spend Curve Cash anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

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