Purchase daily limits change? What about Black and Metal?

I just noticed that my daily purchase limit dropped to 2000 GBP.

Can Black and Metal holders kindly confirm their daily limits? The website doesn’t specify.

Can this be increased by request?

Spending/purchase limits aren’t determined by your subscription tier (but determined based on your spending pattern). After upgrading or downgrading your tier the spending limits are reset.

Yes, by contacting Curve support.


Yes, by contacting the support.

I’m a black member and this is mine, you’re probably better off contacting them to ask if they can change it for you as I’m not sure why it would change, I hope you get it sorted!

Thanks. I have a feeling that bigger spenders get low limits and small spenders get high limits. Mine dropped sharply from 9k to 2k after a small series of high spends during a week. Same for wife a few months ago. Makes sense fee-wise for Curve (they pay Visa/MC), but less so for Curve customers. Perhaps “fair usage” is ok for a big spend once, but not regularly.

I’ll ask them, but was curious to hear from others’ experiences as well.