Purchase declined, it appears in my bank as withheld but does not appear on curve

I tried to do a purchase in a shopping mall, but the cashier declined the curve card. It was quite strange, since I’ve used that underlying card many times with no problem whatsoever. In fact I repeated the operative twice to no avail. I had to abandon the shop without the purchase, which was a bit frustrating. On the other hand I found later that in my bank the three attempts I tried appear as withheld, not yet charged, but the most intriguing part is that those operations don’t appear even as declined, in my curve app under that underlying card section. Since I had had problems trying to enter the curve app these days, mostly delays, I wonder if there’s any issue with the curve network.

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The same it’s happened me one hour ago. Two times try with curve card and after with original card. In curve app not appear anything, but in the original card I paid 3 times.

Same here - Purchase declined three times on Amazon.

Card details correct, over £600 in curve cash then obviously active underlying cards …

I think Curve are experiencing issues?

There’s currently some issues, please see here;

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Many thanks Dann - Any ETA for resolution?

I’d keep an eye on the thread!

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I’m afraid those of us without Curve badges on our username are just users like yourself DD so don’t have any inside info. However based on previous outages I would be hopeful of it being resolved this evening. Worth subscribing to the status updates page though :+1: