Purchases with Amazon - what is the process?

How does purchases with Amazon actually work? I’ve purchased some items from Amazon.co.uk. Curve processed the transaction and debit my credit card when the order is confirmed. Yesterday one of two items on the order were dispatched and Curve debited my credit card again. I’ve already paid for it when the order was made - why does this happen? Does my account get credited again?

@midlandsbased: I think that’s a question for Amazon. They might have done a pre-authorization on the card for the order, and then charged the card with the amount when the order was shipped.
If it is as above, then you shouldn’t see them as 2 transactions in your credit card. Best way is to check with Amazon.

Hi. Thanks for your reply. It only ever happens when I purchase using my Curve card. And it’s a bit concerting so for that reason alone I’m going to stop using it for Amazon purchases.

I haven’t had any issues with using Curve on Amazon, so I’d personally ask Amazon directly or your bank.


I’ve contacted amazon. It’s the pre authorization which shows up but when pre authorized with curve it’s debited to my credit card and then credited again. It’s again debited when the goods are dispatched. So for one purchase I have at least three transactions…more if the order is made up of several items and they are dispatched separately. So whilst I’m not out of pocket it makes for a confusing timeline of transactions when purchasing lots of items from Amazon

It sounds like the difference is Curve makes these preauths more visible than your standard card provider. It might be handy if there was the ability to hide transactions on the timeline - Revolut used to have this although appear to have removed it now.

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I agree. If I could hide them it would at least “tidy up” the list and I’d know what is a pre auth and what is the actual debit. So it’s not just Amazon transactions then. Hotels, prepaid petrol pumps,etc would be the same. Good to know at least.

Swipe the transaction left to hide on Revolut.

Ah OK :+1: - it used to be in transaction detail you could tap hide! Not sure what happens if you hide one by mistake but I do find it handy clearing away all the £0 pre-authorisations.

I have a similar issue.

I bought something on Amazon.co.uk on 1 July. The first payment attempt was blocked. The 2nd automated attempt a few mins later went through. On the 3rd another payment was taken.

This means I’ve also paid twice which I can confirm in my underlying bunq account.

However, in Curve I can see the first payment as pending - since 1 July. Despite 3 messages to support including screenshots as evidence and 3 similar responses, I am still having the issue that they don’t seem to understand that I actually paid twice and that Curve just shows one payment as in pending. It is ‘just’ about 45 Euro but I want my money back nevertheless.

I’ll need to escalate that further but it certainly doesn’t make support look good.

I love the Curve idea and product but the recent issues and how support reacts lets me doubt if I should continue using it.

I have made two pump stations at BP and Sainsbury’s and the pre-auth transactions are annoyingly staying on my timeline 2 months down the road.

Anyone knows Is this issue fixed by now or not?