Push notification delays

I’ve put in a support request, but curious to know if any other iOS users have delayed push notifications? My transaction notifications can take 10-15 minutes to come through.

I’ve had this today on the latest beta. iPhone X, 12.1.

I assume it’s temporary issue, should be fixed soon.

Same here.
iPhone X, iOS 12.1.1 (Beta)

I’ve been experiencing delays on Android (8.1) recently too.

Massive delays for me - 30+ min for spend notification to appear - used to be instant. On beta.

Gleiches bei mir. Verzögerung. Manchmal dauert es länger, manchmal geht es schneller…

Sometimes instant notification but others can be 15 minutes or so. (iPhone 8)

Thank you for bringing this forward. We’ll investigate what’s going on and post an update.

I can confirm I am also experiencing significant delays, can be more than an hour, I’m on the Android BETA by the way.

Also for me, notifications take a long time to arrive. I am not using beta and it happens more than one week ago.

Same here, bank notifications arrive in real time, Curve takes forever.

Apologies for the late update. The spend notifications are currently not separated from other information that is sent through our system, hence the delay. We will find a solution to restore instant notifications.


Hello. I made my first purchase with the card about an hour ago, but it has yet to show up in the app. When can I expect it to do so?

Very haphazard but a notification came though 23hrs later just when I needed to know pretty quickly. A little frustrating as it didn’t show up on the app either. (Now I can’t see anything due to the update.) another post on that though.

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Yep still noticing big delays in notifications too.

In my case it really depends. Sometimes I get a notification right away, and other times I have to wait for a few hours. It’s especially strange as Curve needs to send that information to the underlying card anyway, so why not send a push notification to me at the same time?

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I’ve been having long delays lately. Today i’ve been waiting hours for a transaction notification and nothing. Doesn’t show in timeline either.

@fuuj0r Our engineers are working on how to best solve this and ensure the solution is scalable as we grow :slight_smile:

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Great, really miss not having these - was a major plus of paying with Curve!

I’m still experiencing delays in receiving notifications. Any updates on this being fixed please? @Curve_Marie