Putting it out there.... Metal Insurance vs Packaged Bank Account (UK)

Morning All,
I’m UK based and a have a metal subscription. I’ve had a look at some of the comments on this forum re insurance (naturally some good and some bad). The question is, is the insurance provided by metal good enough to warrant cancellation of packaged bank account insurance. I pay for metal annually so save some money, but still paying a monthly fee for my Nationwide FlexPlus account.


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Short answer: No, it is not.


Long answer: There isn’t one. It’s heavily dependent upon what you actually need from your insurance. There is no one universal answer for anyone on insurance of any type, really…

The only correct advice is to tell you to read both policies you’re comparing and decide which one best suits your needs for cover and price.


While everything @andyk wrote above is very true and accurate - the Curve insurance state clearly in the beginning of their Terms and Conditions that their coverage is secondary.

Even if you do not have another policy, meanibg your Curve insurance would in-directly become your first/primary insurance, you really don’t want to rely on an insurance which is clearly named as ”secondary coverage”.

Different strokes for different folks, but I would want an insurance which is outspoken to be ”primary”, everything else isn’t good enough. It is nice to have secondary coverage, but it is just that - a nice to have.

Where is the bit that says the insurance is secondary?

That means nothing more than that if you have multiple policies, you must claim on the non-Curve policy first. If the Curve policy is your only one, that isn’t relevant.

I’d be surprised if it wasn’t also the case with almost any packaged insurance.

@nick69g, Denali is referring to the term where it states that if you have another Travel Insurance policy, Axa/Curve will not consider your claim until you have claimed from them. For example, I have another Travel Insurance policy with £10m medical coverage, so the Curve one won’t pay out until that one has been exhausted and even then it’ll only pay the last £5m of a £15m claim.

Hence why you must always read all of the terms and conditions of an insurance policy before you buy!

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Oh OK. So if Curve/AXA was your only travel policy, then it would in fact be your primary one?

That is correct, as far as I understand.

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Again, everything @andyk writes above is very vaild and true.

If you only have a ”secondary policy” then it does indeed become primary, since it is your only one. My argument is only that I wouldn’t, personally, rely on an insurance which clearly states that is secondary.

I would want my primary insurance to be just that, outspoken to be primary and number one in line.

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