Q&A with the Curve Customer Experience Team

I know this isn’t what you are after, but I’d feel like a Zoom conference or similar would work well in getting these sorts of matters addressed. Sometimes human interaction/conversation on this topic is better felt then collating and responding as if it was an email.

I think the point I am trying to make is, is Customer interaction can seem stronger. Not sure if others feel the same?

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Hi Joel!

Is there any chance support will engage for a maximum time limit to reply to customer issues and if those time limits are exceeded a percent of the monthly subscription is refunded for each exceeded day ?


Hey Joshua, thanks for your feedback! Our eventual goal is to host a series of live AMA’s with various members of Curve’s leadership team. We’re not ready for this just yet as we’ve only recently begun putting additional time and attention into the Community but it’s reassuring to hear that there’s a demand for this level of interaction!

Thanks for your contributions @Chase17 and @ivanbg. We’ll provide answers to your questions soon.


What about the ability to open more than one chat/ticket via the app?
Someime you will have a non prio ticket open and that blocks opening another via the app that could be high prio.


How are you going to restore confidence in the support function for existing customers? Can you publish metrics such as details of staff recruitment, improvement in number of tickets resolved, etc? As you say there is little visibility of a change for the better.

Given that you are expanding into new markets where good support is paramount, what steps are you taking to be ready for the increase in demand on the support function?


When can we expect to see curve flex launch?

Will you be doing any more curve rewards boosts (Like the World Cup one)


Why does downgrading your account require chatting with support, but upgrading can be done directly in the app? This seems counterproductive when support is already overloaded


The post will be reopened as soon as your questions have been answered.

Hey everyone, thanks for your questions.

The questions relevant to Curve’s customer service are currently with the head of this department. I’m also in the process of finding answers to the questions that aren’t directly relevant to Curve’s customer support team too.

We’ll post an update with responses to your questions soon. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!


Thanks for your questions.

My name is Kate Stevens and I’m the Head of Customer Experience at Curve. I’m happy to be able to provide in-depth responses to your questions and I’m thankful for your patience while I’ve prepared these answers for you.

Some questions from this thread have not been directly acknowledged here as the information being requested is not currently publicly available. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and please be assured that the Curve team are still working hard to launch Curve Flex and to resolve ongoing bugs. We’re also looking forward to offering more unique benefits to spending with Curve in the future.
@Curve_Joel is working to provide more information on these topics separately and will give this update ASAP.


Thank you for the question, premium support is definitely something that’s been affected in our recent customer experience platform migration and something we’re working to fix quickly.

Until recently we had a dedicated team set up to specifically provide first-class support to customers with paid subscriptions. Since our migration, all of our premium customers are routed to a priority queue, however, our new in-app chat function has made it easier than ever for customers to reach out to us, and we still have to continue to prioritise urgent issues such as stolen cards, which means that we have more priority messages than ever before.

With roughly half of our first line team still being trained up, we have a smaller pool of experienced agents available to provide premium support which is why you’re seeing longer waiting times. Rest assured we are working hard to resolve this.

It’s an interesting idea, @ivanbg!

It is not something we are currently looking to implement as our primary objective as a team is to offer 5* star customer service in a timely manner.
Indeed, in the past couple of weeks, we have seen our Average Time for Resolution reduce by 30% and have managed to reduce our Average time to First Response by 60%.

Thank you for your question, this was done intentionally to try and help us with our backlog. One of our biggest issues right now is that as we pull in extra staff and extra hours to tackle a backlog of messages, our customers naturally start to chase their original question, which then adds to the backlog of messages we have to answer, and we get stuck in a vicious circle!

It’s definitely something we want to address soon, but our main focus right now is getting our team to respond and resolve all our existing messages as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your question and I agree that we need to work towards restoring confidence.

As we mentioned in an update in September we changed our customer experience platform from ZenDesk to Kustomer. This migration did not go smoothly due to a number of internal as well as external factors. We have been on the back foot since then.
As well as this migration, we saw a high turnover in staff at the beginning of this year. However, I’m really pleased to say that our recruitment drive has been very successful and we now have a larger CX team than we ever have had before. This has seen our Average Time for Resolution reduce by 30% and reduced our Average time to First Response by 60%. We have also seen our CSAT scores improve by 20%.

As well as expanding our UK CX team we have just launched a partnership with Ubiquity, who specialise in outsourced customer support. This partnership will allow us to further expand our team quickly and efficiently to ensure customer needs are met moving forward.

Good question - as our premium subscription plans are paid plans, one of the key elements to downgrading is to ensure customers subscriptions are cancelled, and if they are within their cooling-off period, any subscription fees paid are refunded.

At the moment, our team has to check downgrade requests in order for us to be able to return any fees owed.

This is also a great opportunity for customers to flag any issues, like a change to the account the funds need to be returned to.

Addressing the concerns raised after our last update:

Ok so let’s talk about the issues raised in this thread. In January we set up our first ever Premium support team, we picked our best and brightest and moved our most experienced agents over to this team, and honestly, it worked pretty well. Response times took minutes on a bad day, our agents loved having open conversations with our customers, and I get the feeling that our customers would say the same thing.

In July, our best and brightest agents all started to progress in their careers. In fact, quite a few of our team moved on to other roles within Curve, started Masters or Postgraduate degrees, or finally managed to start travelling again and suddenly we were left with a fraction of the team we’d just had.

We didn’t panic, we carried on recruiting and we knew we’d be migrating to an amazing new tool that would let us offer the same live chat experience to all of our customers, and still prioritise premium support.

And then the migration happened, and all told we lost about a week of productive time, and the daily messages we were receiving kept climbing as our customers used the new chat tool in the app to reach out to us.

To tackle this we have moved as many resources as we possibly can to our CX team. We have continued to recruit in the UK & Europe. We’ve created part-time teams to work weekends, and formed a partnership with Ubiquity, and taken the department through a restructure.

But…all of this takes time to settle in. We’ve taken all the right steps, and now we’re waiting for training to finish and agents to get used to their new roles and teams.

Rest assured, we are doing everything in our power to deliver 5 :star: customer service.


Thanks Kate, for an honest appraisal of a difficult period for your customer service team. Whilst you don’t make big promises (thanks for that) you do describe a strategy which points in the right direction.

So, understandably, improvement is a work in progress and subject to external factors. No quick fixes.

Might I suggest that you make updates like this regular and frequent? Whilst you won’t be bringing revelations to the forum, your visibility will surely be much appreciated.

Much better to be told (as far as is possible) what’s happening around the improvement plan than for members to wonder.

Once again thankyou for the update - and good luck to the team.


Thanks Graham - and duly noted! And yes, I think that would be a great idea.


This is a great suggestion! Having discussed this, we believe the most reliable way to implement regular updates from Kate and the rest of the Customer Experience Leadership team will be for them to contribute to our Community monthly updates!


Hey Kate,
thank you very much for your answers! That’s much appreciated and I believe that’s a good step in the right direction.

However I still believe that binding the support to fixed timeframes for answering/resolve issues paired with penalties when those timeframes are not respected would be a huge step towards rebuilding confidence and would speed up (instead of slowig down) the process of reaching a 5 stars customer support.


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Kate and team, keep up the good work and a positive mind! From my end using curve from sweden since 2 years. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the innovations by the compane and the quick responsetime from you people. That said I haven’t had any issues lately and seem to be one those that just happily are enjoying curve and all the convenience in my daily life. So thanks again.


I’d like to echo earlier comments, thank you for being honest about the mess that customer service has been in and how you plan to move forward. I’d also like to second the request for regular updates. This has been sadly lacking and the result has been a loss of confidence in the organisation as a whole not just the support function.

I hope the addition of Ubiquity will help you return to giving a fast and efficient response to your customers. I don’t think other markets will be as forgiving of poor service!