Q&A with the Curve Customer Experience Team

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Kate and team, keep up the good work and a positive mind! From my end using curve from sweden since 2 years. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the innovations by the compane and the quick responsetime from you people. That said I haven’t had any issues lately and seem to be one those that just happily are enjoying curve and all the convenience in my daily life. So thanks again.


I’d like to echo earlier comments, thank you for being honest about the mess that customer service has been in and how you plan to move forward. I’d also like to second the request for regular updates. This has been sadly lacking and the result has been a loss of confidence in the organisation as a whole not just the support function.

I hope the addition of Ubiquity will help you return to giving a fast and efficient response to your customers. I don’t think other markets will be as forgiving of poor service!