Query: Thinking of downgrading so just want to check something

So initially I got the Black because I was sure I saw something about a limit of transactions abroad (I have a commission free card in there that I only use abroad) and hoped that I could lock it away and use the curve for paying my hotel bill abroad and any incidentals.

I have a query about the Blue card

  • Access to interbank FX rates (up to £500/month. Fees may apply)
  • Fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals (weekend charges apply): £200/month

versus Black

  • Unlimited access to interbank FX rates (additional fees may apply)
  • Fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals (weekend charges apply): £400/month

I rarely use any card to take out cash when abroad, so at most it would be paying for food and drink.
So if I understand this right - when (if, witrh coronavirus) I trot off to Europe I can use the Blue up to £500 a month for incidentals and £200 for cash withdrawals?

And surely these rates only apply when you are away from home country as I am sure I have used it for way more than that for Mastercard purchases at home.

Want to make an informed decision about whether to stay with the Black card or save myself £9.99 a month…

You can pay up to your personal limits whether you are at home or abroad.

The £500 and £200 is the limit you can pay and withdraw in a foreign currency that curve has to convert before they charge you for the conversion.

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This limit is only for ATM withdrawals where the underlying card is a credit card

It’s not only that but also the fee-free ATM withdrawal limit.

The fee free withdrawal limit is 10 withdrawals a month. Then there’s a £200 limit if the underlying card is a credit card

Right - ok that makes a bit of sense… I think I went for Black originally because I travelled monthly and was racking up probably a little more than £500 a month at its peak usage.

I think I will drop down and see because presumably I can always upgrade back up if I need to? (but I doubt I will now, and especially in these times where my trip to the US was canned and that would have been two weeks so veru much conceivably over £500 spent in March o/seas).

Thanks all.

OP was talking about and citing the policy on foreign ATM withdrawals not domestic ones.

Beware if you downgrade now that if the tiers change as they may be soon when metal is launched in the rest of Europe, Curve may decide to change the features each tier has and you may not get back what you lost.

If I were you, I’d wait for metal to launch globally to decide if downgrading makes sense for you.

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Was thinking about a different thing :sweat_smile:

Ahhh too late - The Curve support team responded almost instantly but just looking at Metal features and to be honest unless I miraculously go back to travelling almost 10 months of the year, I think this will suffice.

No worries.