Question about card currency (again)

So sorry for this endless topic, but can someone please tell me point blank what my best options are:

– All my underlying cards are in NOK (I live in Norway).

  • Should I keep using NOK when traveling abroad or change to the country specific currency?

– There are bank conversion rates for all my underlying cards.

  • Some terminals ask me if I want to pay in local currency. Should I do this if my card is set to NOK and not local currency?

Hope to get some insight.

For the first one, it depends, if your bank charges less than 3% then only on weekends, change it to country-specific otherwise keep it the same. For the second one, ALWAYS use the local currency even if you’re not in Norway. It’ll save you a lot of money on fees. :slightly_smiling_face:

As above, for weekdays I’d suggest don’t change a thing.

For weekends, if you bank has a better conversion than Curve change to the local currency.

Great - thanks for clearing that up!