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What exactly does Curve consider abroad? If your Curve card is based outside the UK, does the spending in your home country count for the limits mentioned? (500 British Pounds or equivalent on the free account?). Perhaps this could be better clarified on these FAQs.

I believe it is considered abroad if it does not match the country of residence & funding source. So domestic purchases in which ever country you are will not count to this limit.

Are you saying that if the funding source is outside the country of residence, that is also considered a foreign purchase?

Eg. Spain based and resident user, buys groceries at his local supermarket but the funding source is in the UK, that still counts as a foreign purchase?

I recall reading somewhere that a foreign purchase is one where Curve does the currency conversion for you. Otherwise they are all domestic. This FAQ should be clarified as it generates a lot of confusion.

Yeah i know what you are saying, and in that situation curve would do the currency conversion so i guess it would count as a foreign purchase even though you would be resident and shopping in the same country, i tried to look at the fees bit on the web site but a couple of the links were broken.

Until recently I thought of this as a fact. I hate to admit that, since some posts in this community a couple of months ago, I (not being a Curve employee) don’t ‘dare’ to confirm this anymore.

All transactions are processed in the UK regardless of currency. And if your home country uses the Euro and you are outside your country, but still within the euro zone, it should not be considered foreign (that’s the whole point of the Euro).

I think this should be clarified by Curve and the FAQ - curve fees should be rewritten.

Most Europe countries do. Your point?

Yes, this is my understanding as well. And as we are talking of fx fees, it kind of makes sense.

Yes, I always understood that it indeed works like that.

Being honest I have sent questions directly to Curve Team on Fx fees and found their responses to be most helpful ! As the Curve card is one linked to whichever underlying card you have linked to is main point to remember and of course before making a purchase you can change the Currency in the Curve App which helps so we can make purchases in the local currency of a retailer for instance !

@Yahoo we consider “abroad” any transaction that is in a different currency than the one that your payment card is set in. For example, if you have your payment card in the app set on EUR, live in Germany and you travel in Spain, it’s not going to be considered abroad. But if you live in Germany and you buy something online in GBP that is a foreign transaction.

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It’s not a foreign transaction, if you change your underlying card to GBP.

Yes! what I meant to say is that the Fx fee will be applied as it’s a different currency

Curve ought to consider rewording its terms and conditions. Some card issuers, particularly in the United States, Singapore and Australia (including underlying cards mentioned by Curve customers in this forum) apply “abroad” (or similar vocabulary) in a literal sense, in that any transaction with a merchant located outside the card’s country of issue is surcharged - quite unreasonably. Curve doesn’t apply this unreasonable policy, in that Curve applies the fee only where there’s a difference in currency, but Curve’s choice of vocabulary in its T&Cs currently makes Curve sound bad when in fact it’s not.

It would be great if there was a counter with the remaining no fee transaction amount remaining until the fee kicks in.

Agree! You can vote for it here - Make Curve FX free limit visible in-app

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