Question about retailers with different names

Does anyone know if you get the cashback when spending at a retailer that has a different name in a specific country?
For example, in the Netherlands Just Eat is called Thuisbezorgd.
Will I get the cashback when I pay with curve here?

Hey @Etiennejb, welcome back to the Community!

Our cashback scheme works through keyword detection and recognition of merchant names from our system. This means our customer experience team can update this system to recognise new transaction names and add missed Curve cash for transactions where the merchant name wasn’t recognised.

Please make sure to provide evidence (such as a receipt showing the merchant name) that a transaction was made with the merchant when contacting the customer experience team to claim cashback.

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Thank you for the reply. So there is a list of alternative names that are also accepted and rewarded?
If I order food from, which is the company Just-Eat(or, it will be recognised? On the bank state to it will say Thuisbezorgd, not Just eat.

Plutus has a list on their site like

List of valid alternative brand names

Some brands have a different official name in specific countries. In order to make perks work with them, we need to manually add them as valid brand names that would trigger the perk. This is the current list of valid variants added:

  • Just Eat
    • Lieferando
    • Pyszne
    • Takeaway
    • Thuisbezorgd
  • Shell
    • Dilu Red
    • Disa
    • St1
    • Avia
  • Aldi
    • Hofer

If you think there is any variant that should be supported and we have missed, please let our Support team, and we will review it and add it.

Does Curve use a list like this too?


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Im thinking to uppgrade my Curve to Black level. And im wondering that if i pick Shell and buy petrol at ST1 do i get cashback?

Someone asked same kind of thing (i cannot comment to that post anymore), but noone answer to that last part, where that person asked this and even copy nice list from Plutus. So can someone answer please?

There is link to that older post.

And what about “El Corte Ingles”? Is included “HIPERCOR” in the same merchant?

Also, is it possible to change merchants for bonus? I plan to upgrade to metal, but I am not sure at this moment what can I choose


Is it possible for the Support to make a list of alternative names, so we would know which merchants are eligible to earn the Curve Cashback as we are not able to switch the retailers after selection? That would be of great help for the whole community, even those who do not contact Curve.

The answer of @Curve_Joel was already a hint that the system works with keyword detection, but making a public list of such words would be more efficient as the customer experience team has anyway a lot to deal with already. Especially, if every customer would contact the team, it would take weeks or even longer to respond to all individual requests!

In my case, i really would like to know if “Lieferando” is supported/eligible if I would choose “Just Eat”.

In any case, an update on this matter would be highly appreciated! :blush: :+1:

Thank you!

Did you ever find out the answer? JustEat is named differently in a lot of countries.

Just got a reply today from the Curve Support:

The JustEat cashback now covers TakeAway, Thuisbezorgd, Bistro, Lieferando, and co.

I can also confirm the cashback is recognized. :partying_face: