Questions about upgrade/downgrade and replacement

Does a new card get sent out and has to be used when one upgrades/ downgraded between the variants ? Or can one continue to use existing physical card and card stored in ewallet ?

Also can replacement cards be sent to overseas addresses ?

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  1. Yes when you upgrade/downgrade a new card will get sent out. You can continue using your current card till the new one arrives and you activate it.

  2. Yes replacement cards can be sent overseas. Here’s a list of countries where Curve is available:

Thanks jayesh r- if I continue using my old card -will I be offered the features of the new upgrade automatically or do I need to wait until I receive the new card ?
2) I was referring to the countries outside the EEA ( if I am travelling)

You will apply for the benefits of the upgrade immediately on Curve’s side. Those that depend on the card you physically have (Mastercard World Elite, LoungeKey) won’t apply automatically until you receive and activate your physical card.

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What @Nelthorim said.
Re. postage of the card: I don’t think cards are posted outside of the UK and the EU. I could be wrong, but take a look at this:

I’d suggest getting in touch with support to verify if they can ship internationally. I suspect the answer will be no, as you can use virtual payment methods such as Apple Pay.

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