Questions for using Curve while traveling abroad

Hello, I have some questions considering using Google Pay and the physical Curve card on a journey abroad.

As per supported payment methods when using Google Pay, Google says that Curve can’t be used in Switzerland.

  1. So, since I have added my Curve card in Google Pay (it’s supported in my country and I’ve been using it for months), can I also use it in Switzerland, or the domestic POS terminals won’t be identifying the Curve card connected with Google Pay and they’ll reject the payment?

  2. The physical Curve card on the other hand can be used since it’s a MasterCard, right? Only the Google Pay method is not supported in the country.

  3. When I arrive there, should I change my connected card’s currency to Swiss Frank from the app settings, or I don’t switch from Euro to Frank, and the Curve app will automatically pay in Franks?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

  1. The GooglePay support page says that when someone lives in Switzerland one can’t add the Curve card to GooglePay (contactless), that isn’t strange because residents of Switzerland can’t get a Curve card.
    What the support page doesn’t say is that when you visit Switzerland and pay with GooglePay with your Curve card selected that it will be rejected. It will be accepted, if the merchant accepts MasterCard (also see 2).

  2. If the merchant accepts MasterCard, the merchant accepts Curve.

  3. If you want Curve to do the currency conversion leave it on EUR. If you want your underlying card to do the currency conversion set the underlying card to CHF.

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Thanks a lot for answering.

As for #3, I think that it’s better for me that Curve will do the currency conversion, so I’ll leave the currency on EUR.

Thanks again.

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