Questions on the 10000 GBP free quota for Fronted for Metal customers

I emailed Support but no reply yet so I’m asking here in case someone knows (all my past emails to Support took 2+ weeks for a reply, the infamous “priority support for Metal customers”, but let’s not get into that)

For Metal customers I’m aware there is a 10000 GBP free quota monthly.

  1. Where can I see how much of that 10000 quota I have used so far this month, or how much do I have left? That’s pretty essential as with any quota. There is nothing in the limits page (which do have trackers for daily/monthly/yearly spending, ATM, etc).

  2. How can I identify which transactions are & were categorized as “Fronted” in the app? Another pretty essential functionality, as Fronted must be a predictable functionality (else we may be charged Fronted fees unexpectedly). I expect it to be decided based on MCC codes charged by the merchant, but as far as I can see the app doesn’t show MCC codes and neither do the T&Cs define which MCC codes are flagged as Fronted – that’s a recipe for mounting fear of moving goalposts.

  3. Does “monthly” mean it resets on the 1st of every month or is it a running 30 days window?

Thanks in advance

Answer to 3:

1 and 2 can be voted for here:


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