Questions to the Curve team!

Hi everyone and the Curve team!

I am a young developer from Sweden who has been thinking about making a website where you can convert different currencies in the same currency rates that Curve uses and also display news and announcements from Curve. I will of course mention that the site doesn’t have any relations with Curve and that the website is unofficial.

So I have 2 questions to ask the Curve team!

  1. A long time ago here at the forum, I read something about you using CurrencyLayer rates, do you still use that? (If no, please tell me what you use now :slight_smile:)

  2. Do you have an RSS feed with all the latest news that I can get access to so I can display the latest news on the site?

That was my questions for now and if somebody from the Curve team wants to contact me, feel free to mail me on

Thanks for reading and I hope to get an answer! :smiley:

Hi! I’m not a Curve Team member, but if you’re interested in RSS feeds from Curve check

Curve sadly hasn’t been very transparent about their currency rates (especially recently), but using rates from seems to be good enough.

Don’t forget to keep us updated when your website is ready!


Hi Pawel!

Thank you so much for your support and your answers, and I hope that you guys will like the website when it’s complete and follow my journey!

The hardest part at the moment is to find a good currency rate api! Due to the fact that i’m a poor student, I will not be able to pay for an api access right now :confused:

To all of you who reads this post, I would be so happy if you could answer this post with your name suggestions of the website and the suggestion with the most likes will be the winner!

When we have decided a name to the website, I will create a subreddit or some kind of community forum where I gladly will update with changelogs and where we all can discuss about this project!

I still have the hope up about getting a contact with the team member and from that have a cooperation with the team!

Again thank you so much Pavel!

And to all of you! Please send in name suggestions!

Best Regards
Edi aka “sadeem” <3

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If you don’t want to pay, the best solution would be to use ECB forex reference rates. However, those are updated daily and not real-time.

Or use a search engine
As an example
Google, duckduckgo
Or the one you like

This data is not provided in a format which is easy to read by computers, hence the need for an API. Google uses data from Morningstar and DuckDuckGo uses, both of which are paid solutions (it’s just the search engine footing the bill, not you).

Maybe you can use the API from revolut


Hi again!

Thanks for all the answers! I’ve made a discord for the project so everyone who wants to follow it and discuss it can join it!

I can fix so you get the same role as here if you wish!

The server is getting updated frequently!

The link:

Best wishes!

//Edi aka “sadeem”

What foreign exchange rate will I get?

When making Curve Send transactions in foreign currencies, you’ll receive the interbank exchange rate. We use Currencylayer™ to process our currency conversions.

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