Quick Actions for Cards

On Android, apps can provide “quick actions” - a small list of available actions when you long press on the app from your home screen. The Google Pay app shows a list of 5 cards in quick actions, allowing you to select one without even opening the app. These quick actions can be dragged to your home screen to have one-tap access to your cards.

It would be awesome if Curve could add this functionality. I have 2-3 cards that almost all my Curve spend goes through, so I’d love to be able to switch between them quickly without even having to open the Curve app :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea. :grinning: Just wondering, though, is the long-press supported by the popular Android models.?

iOS has the same small menu of options on 3d touch on the app icon.

Maybe there can be added to lock the card fast.

I think from Oreo onwards it’s supported? Agree a good idea, or a Curve widget that can sit on the homescreen to quickly switch between a few cards?


yes indeed… I miss the iOS widget…


Yes, given its one of the few actions I routinely need to take in-app, that’d be a really neat development …and it would look good too.

“Yes please :grinning:

Edit: Next Monday will do…:grin:

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Some quick actions on 3D Touch on iOS would be pretty useful actually…

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This certainly is a great idea and something that, being new to Android, I wasn’t myself aware of until reading your post! We have passed your suggestion onto our Head of Product and our Engineering Team Leads.

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Hi Vebaev,

We know that this feature is being missed by our iOS customers and the team are working to bring this back. We can’t give an exact date of when this will be available again but keep an eye on the release notes of future app updates!