Random card added to my account

I opened my curve app today to find a random ‘Delphi’ card added to my account.

First I thought this was a hack - but as far as I am aware you can only access the app from a registered card/device - and have to authenticate via a phone number etc (correct me if I’m wrong)

If this is a bug I suggest this is looked into fairly urgently… I immediately deleted the card but I would think this is a major problem!

Either this is a major bug or there is a major hole/breach in the curve authentication process?

Hi there @cgadd99, this should not be possible without someone using your device while already logged in as you’ve already mentioned.

Please can you reach out to the support team to ask about this and let me know once this is done so I can monitor this too? If this is a larger issue then I can help the product team to crack down on this immediately.

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p.s. What is “Delphi” card?

Hey Joel,

Thanks for the response

I have just contacted support. But the (not) live chat says 3-5 days for a response. Previously that has been two weeks, or just no response and a closed case. Who knows!

Sorry to clarify it was a Visa card, with ‘Delphi’ branding (the bank I guess?)

Looks like that it’s an Australian bank: https://www.delphibank.com.au/

So curve contacted me today (several days later) - and instead of trying to find the route cause - they just went straight ahead, blocked my account and cancelled my subscription. Requiring me to unlock it.

Only for me to reply within 5 mins (at 10am this morning) and not receive a response, on a matter that should be fairly urgent!

I SERIOUSLY question who is running the customer service department, it is absolutely diabolical! If it’s not sorted by tommorow I am calling my bank and blocking all curve transactions, and dispute my last subscription payment.

Why does a company like this deserve someone’s money if when they have a problem they get treated like dirt and thrown at the back of the queue.

Do curve reimburse money from a monthly subscription for days/weeks they are unable to use it? What about the insurance, if I were to make a claim tonight - that would be void! But of course not, that would make Mr CEO unhappy if they do that!

Utterly disappointing how long this company takes to get things done, I don’t understand how you expect to grow as a company without treating your customers properly first.

Hey @cgadd99, thanks for your patience with this problem. Our fraud team are working hard to get to the bottom of this.

Our support team will make sure you’re not left out of pocket for any time you’re unable to use your premium account due to your account being blocked for your protection. Make sure to flag this to the team so that they’re aware this is a concern you have.