Random payment error message

I was walking to the station and suddenly my phone vibrates. I saw a notification from Curve saying “There was a problem processing your card, if the problem persists please contact your credit card supplier”.

I have no regular payments setup on Curve and I had not made any payment using Curve for over 12 hours.

When I clicked on the message, it opened the Curve app but nothing to indicate which payment failed. How can I find out what this message was related to?


There is no Curve CS Advisors on here, so you’d need to contact them, either in-app or by emailing Support@Curve.app.

We’re unable to view accounts here!

Okay thanks. I will message the team. But the app should show which payment it’s for :man_shrugging:t4:

So much for messaging the team, the message to the support fails to send. :man_facepalming:t4:

I had the same problem with the beta version

Agree, it’s a definite issue - suggested improvement here Inbox in the app/the ability to access previous notifications

Hey @Malik try dropping an email to support@curveapp :email: A member of the support team will be able to help you :mechanical_arm: