Re-issuing card with local BIN

This thread’s closing message seems to indicate that Curve now has completely switched over to issuing cards with BINs in the card holder’s resident country:

You’ll now receive country-specific cards :smiley: :credit_card: All cards, including curve metal, will have a country-specific sub-BIN

But I haven’t seen any announcement about this or any other details with regards to existing cards. Will existing cards be replaced with new ones, free of charge?

Yes, support can reissue you a local BIN card free of charge.

Do you have any official source for that?

It has been mentioned in this community several times already (check this topic for example).
If your card expires you will get a country specific one.
If you don’t have one yet, so still have a UK one, while not living in the UK, but want/need it now (for example because it gets rejected or you are paying extra fees) you can get one free of charge by contacting Curve support.

But be careful what you ask for, there are some known issues (limits, GBiT) with the country specific BIN Curve cards, especially if the currency of the country is not EUR.

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As far as I can tell the topic you linked is in regards to Metal customers, not the free/Blue tier, and not really official as much as some support representative being nice and waiving the fee in that specific case. I was hoping for something more definitive, like a post from a Curve representitive.

Do you have more details on the issues you refer to? Thanks.

The fact that I ‘dare’ to say this:

Means this :point_down:t2: (confirmation by Curve staff) happened before in this community. I am just not able to find it anymore.

I do remember a case of a non-metal user from Denmark (who is no longer on this community, which makes it difficult to search in his posts and find the specific post) that had his UK-BIN card replaced for a Danish one for free (because he couldn’t order on a certain website with the UK one). As I said there are more posts where users (also non-metal ones) report of having received free replacements (because of the issues I have reported in my previous posts) of their UK-BIN cards for country specific ones.
If you would like to have an official statement on this you can contact Curve support (after all this is a user community) or you can trust me on this :wink:

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I can confirm that I had an UK metal being an Irish resident, so I asked for a new one and got a new Irish Metal without cost.

The only ‘but’ is that it is a ‘normal’ metal and not an ‘investor’ one, because those were issued only with UK BIN.

Thanks for the info, seems local BIN cards are completely broken for the time being. Guess I’ll be sticking to my UK-issued card for now, works 98% of the time anyways.

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