Readding expired cards

I’d like to leave some feedback about a recent, and ongoing, experience with trying to readd an expired card with my new one.
I contracted Curve support a week ago asking about why my card was always being declined. After a day I was told it was due to the underlying card having expired. I was asked to delete the app and reinstall it. I did and was then locked out.

Eventually I was able to discover that the Store had installed a really old version of the app (maybe this is a Google issue in this case), so removed, installed again, and tries again and I managed to get in.
I added my new card, and was then unable to verify it. Another day past with no update from the support - I seem to have to chase once a day to get any response - then it suddenly seemed to start working with verification. No more white screen. Verification fails and I see that my card in the app still has the old expiry date.

So I removed the card, deleted the app, and reinstalled again. Still no joy.

I’m now a week into the issue, and almost 2 days since my last communication from Curve. I don’t know how to make it work. I don’t know if it’s a specific issue to me. I don’t know if Curve are even looking into it.

I left feedback in one of my emails to Curve which would have at least helped with some of my issues here.
Could Curve please post change logs of what has actually changed in the app, rather than hashtags for a protest against AMEX
Could you have a status page where I can see quickly if anything is down or broken
Could we please get better notifications and toast alerts rather than things like “access denied” or blank error screens.
And could someone please help me add my card to Curve so it works again

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Yep have seen a few points on HfP re this issue too - similarly folks with new cards being sent with updated expiry date and CVV. Unfortunately the UI doesn’t seem to allow for this, requiring old card to be deleted and new one added but then in some cases it getting stuck at verification.

My new card verifies ok, just reverts to the old expiry / cvv once it adds to the wallet. Last contact with CS was a week ago now, they told me there was no problem as they could see I had managed to add the card. Didn’t seem to matter it has expired and therefore unusable… I did point out the flaw in their response and have been ignored since.

I seem to have @AndySW9 's issue. New card is added, passes “verification” then fails to work. Curve rejected every time and in app it has the old expiry date

Have the same issue. Have removed the expired card, added the replacement and successfully verified only to find it still shows the old expiry date and if selected all payments on Curve fail. Still waiting for support to reply to email. Interestingly someone asked the same question on Twitter yesterday and was told the only way to update the expiry date was to remove and re-add the card.

This is core functionality and regardless of the app changes for Amex / Subscriptions I really have to question why it is now broken. Also makes me wonder what testing was actually done through the extended beta, surely this would have been picked up over the period of months that the closed beta was operating.
Given I can now only select an expired card as an alternate to my regular spend card, there is no point me using Curve at present.
And with not even an acknowledgement in over a week from CS (having originally told me there was no issue as they could see I had successfully added the - expired! - card), I really have to wonder how much longer I can carry on supporting this obviously broken business. Which is a shame, because up until 25 Jan this year I had been a happy customer and advocate.
I didn’t even regret the Metal subscription, it seemed an alternative way to support them in the absence of, say, flogging shares to their customers. Seems like it could be money down the drain though if they don’t get themselves back to properly supporting their core product PDQ.

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I’m sure they’re working hard to fix it all, but it’s just frustrating having to drift along waiting.

I guess the main bit of feedback I was trying to get at in my OP was that it would be handy for Curve to have some sort of proper changelog and a page for ongoing issues


Sure. But when the fundamental functionality of the whole product is the pass through of spending to a selectable underlying card then removing/breaking/otherwise losing the ability to update said cards is essentially incompetent. To release the only method to manage underlying cards - the app - in such a broken state says to me there is absolutely no QA in place, which is a concern to me.