Reading the Card

Huge problem reading the number expiry date etc…very annoying.

Do you mean the way the numbers are printed on a physical card? If so, the topic has already been mentioned on the forum a few times before, for instance here: Where is the Curve Card CVV number for online transactions?

By the way, may I ask when did you obtain your card? My card data are hard to read as well, and I got my card in September 2018, but a friend of mine also registered into Curve and her card digits are way more bold, as she joined last month.

I have had my card for sometime but it was renewed about a year or two ago! Sorry never good with dates. Numbers are not embossed and are impossible to read except under the brightest of lights! Admittedly my eyesight is not that wonderful but my other cards are much better! Maybe they can’t be too visible in case people can read them over your shoulder at an ATM!

All the new cards (since at least half a year) by Curve are not embossed and have all the details on the back, so the security is not a problem, as only the front page of the card can usually be seen by anyone else. As the printing goes, cards manufactured in the last couple of months have been better in this quality, so your solution might be just contacting support so they send you a new card, or you can just have your current card details saved somewhere else, however I guess that solution would not be recommended by Curve themselves.