REALLY slow refunds through the Curve card


Been using the Curve card with no problems, but if there a refund that needs to come through the Curve card, expect it to take significantly longer.

I know we’ve have the xmas break, but a refund that was issued on the 17th of December has only just his my account.

Is there a known issue with this over at Curve?

Got a message from Amazon on Monday 23rd December that they were going to refund an item I had picked up from one of their lockers… so I called them and their solution was to charge me another £52.99 just before Xmas to counter their refund. The new charge immediately came out of my underlying bank account but still no refund :flushed:

Really considering whenther I should be using Curve or not :thinking:

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With you there.

We’ve now taken it out of our normal daily usage now. It’s become too difficult to keep track of things now.

We’ll probably only use it abroad, but I think there’s a real problem here that could cause people to really lose track of their finances.

Funnily enough, I’m now starting to get a string of refunds through my Curve app, after reaching out to their support.

Welcome to the community @amilroy!

The way we process refunds will be improved. We are currently working on how to automate a larger part of them.

Thanks @Curve_Marie.
I hope this gets improved quickly as this seems to be more of an Achilles heel than not having Apple Pay.

I was in contact with Curve support yesterday and today regarding a refund (and two other different refunds) which the store confirmed they refunded on 20/12. Curve support had to manually add the refund to my card and did so very fast yesterday after I submitted my ticket.
The Curve support are very fast to respond to support tickets so I like that very much. Always very service minded. The support rep explained they had been rolling out a new update which should speed things up however they are behind with a bunch of refunded transactions and plenty seems to need manual work.

Of course I’m afraid now to even use Curve card if it’s a purchase I might return parts of. Usually I’m pretty fast with returning a purchase as I don’t wish to pay for that in advance on my credit card invoice. Now to even think about I’ve have to wait up three weeks is unacceptable long and I hope Curve staff work overtime to increase this to maximum 1 day. It should be even faster than 1 day actually and just take a couple of hours after refund has been made to Curve.

Refunds have taken a long time for my previous purchases as well last fall, sometimes two weeks from certain stores.