Reasons for keeping metal

Hi Everyone,

I have the metal investor card and am now paying £14.99 per month for something that I almost never get out my wallet. I make pretty much every payment using my watch.

I guess my question is, do I keep paying it? What do I lose if I stop paying it? What are my options for downgrading it?

Amex or lack of is still a big issue for me, but I can’t see that changing any time soon, however I am happy to continue to use Curve, but not sure I’m getting £15 worth of benefit at the min?

Appreciate any thoughts…


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Not sure why someone decided to move my post to this ancient thread - If I wanted to post here I would have done.


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Though the topic is started in 2019, the last couple of replies are from earlier this year and are mentioning why recent metal customers will or will not renew the current metal subscription, just like you are asking.

OK, I give up - Asked what I thought was a sensible question only for a “leader” (whatever that is) to firstly move it then throw up a rude response when I questioned why.

I guess Curve are now too important to answer legitimate questions from their own investors directly and outsource it.

Message received - I won’t post here again.

Takeaway - Leaders are “Special”, we are all just users in comparison.

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Hey @Christate99,

Leaders, are special users who help the moderators team of the forum.

However, the rules are clear and no one has used a rude tone.

Feel free to read them: FAQ - Curve Community

For all other needs, please contact @moderators in the future.

Thanks :relaxed:

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