Received numberless plastic black card - how to receive different one?

This might sound silly but when I signed up I got a pure black plastic one with no numbers on.
Does anyone know how do I get blue card-black or metal?

Much appreciated in advance

Did you subscribe to Samsung Pay+?

Samsung Pay+

A Black digital card (and a plastic numberless PVC card if you wish*).

If so and if you would like to subscribe to Curve (blue, black or metal), you will need to close your Samsung Pay+ powered by Curve account and open a Curve account/subscription. It’s not possible to have two active accounts at the same time.

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Hey there @poeliev

@poeliev Thank you! Yes I have samsung pay and curve … how do I shut down the samsung pay then how do I apply for a either blue,black or metal card n curve I’ve been searched for answer for weeks and this is the only one makes sense…

Again thanks in advance

Use the contact form that’s linked here:

Curve – How do I cancel my account?.

And just write that you want to cancel your Samsung Pay+ account in order to get a ‘normal’ Curve account. When your account is cancelled just sign up again via the Curve app.

Thank you once again @poeliev

So It’s when you sign up you get to choose which card you would like?

That’s right. During the sign up you choose your subscription plan. Each subscription plan comes with a specific card.

So I need to cancel curve and aamsung pay ? Or just the samsunng pay? Thanks very much for your help :slight_smile:

From the card you have received I assume you are on the Samsung Pay+ (powered by Curve) subscription. You should be able to check this by checking the account tab in the Curve app. That’s the one you need to cancel. If you use the contact form I have mentioned earlier Curve support should know what to do.

You don’t need to cancel Samsung Pay, if that’s even possible. After you have received your new Curve card you will be able to add it to Samsung Pay.

@poeliev yeah it’s [Samsung Pay powered
Curve its just a blank numberless black one… in the app I can get the 1he whole card details like the digits on the front, secruity code etc … is the way to speed the process up like immediately and starting again ?

As you can’t have an active Samsung Pay+ account and an active ‘normal’ Curve account simultaneously you need to cancel your Samsung Pay+ account first and sign up again (to a Curve subscription) and don’t use your Samsung Pay+ credentials during the sign up.

Okay great, it’s okay if have two accounts some household ? I will uninstall samsing pay and sign up again for curve :slight_smile:

If both cards/accounts are in a different name/person that’s fine. It’s not allowed for one person to have more than one Curve account.

As I said uninstalling the Samsung Pay app from your phone is not needed. Just cancel your Samsung Pay+ powered by Curve account/subscription by contacting Curve support through the contact form and sign up through the Curve app again choosing the Curve subscription you would like.

@poeliev thank you so much ! You have been a great help … have a good rest of your day:)

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