Received refund not appearing in Curve account

Used my Curve in Argos a few weeks ago. Returned the item for a refund. The refund has appeared on my original bank card but the refund does not show in my Curve account. It’s been about 12 days since the refund.

Yes, happened a few times to me, too.

Yep, this is something I think there’s general agreement needs to improve - see discussion here: Partial refunds

It usually appears on the original transaction on your timeline as partially refunded ! See screenshot below!

Hope this help !

I believe this is something that’s been worked on for timeline 2.0 :slight_smile:

I can’t get your screenshot to work. However, I’ve again checked by account and there is no refund showing in Curve whatsoever even thought the money is back in my account.

I will try this way :

Teddy Guiot

Mine still shows this…

I have the same problem

Amazon refunded me but,
Can’t see on curve and can’t see on my CC.

Little bit weird.

They did show the refund for me but it was against another random purchase.

Eg. Returned a product to Argos for £9.99 but the refund appeared on a different purchase that originally cost £43 - they posted £9.99 off that purchase.

It took some finding let me tell you!

This has been resolved.