Recommendations for EUR-denominated airmiles-earning or points-earning credit cards?

For EUR purchases, I use an American Express Germany Payback card, whose points can be converted into Miles & More airmiles, which supplement airmiles earnt from GBP purchases on my Diners Club & Cornèrcard MasterCard Miles & More cards.

However, for EUR purchases at merchants that don’t accept American Express, I currently use Apple Pay with debit cards on my German bank accounts, which don’t earn me any airmiles or points. I haven’t so far bothered getting a EUR-denominated Visa or MasterCard credit card, because most don’t support Apple Pay.

But thanks to Curve now supporting Apple Pay, I can use any credit card with Apple Pay, which opens up many more possibilities. Therefore can anyone please recommend a EUR-denominated Visa or MasterCard debit card (ideally issued in Germany or France where I have bank accounts), which will earn me some useful airmiles or points with no annual fee?

Regarding Germany I did quite a lot of research recently. I have found two. But a couple of weeks ago at least on of them added the condition that you had to be living in Germany. The other one presumably already had that condition.
These are: (First year no annual fee for the debit card. Their Visa Credit Card is free).

You get payback points that can be spend in their online shop on all kinds of stuff or can be converted into Miles & More Airmiles (like you said).

and (no annual fee). This one does support ApplePay.

You receive MBs (for your German 02 Mobile subscription) but those can be exchanged for a Amazon voucher (on a very poor ‘exchange’ rate in my opinion).

A couple of weeks ago someone asked almost the same question here:

But no one responded.

And there is Wirex, but you pay a monthly fee. It gives you ‘cryptoback’ on every in-store purchase.

And before the data leakage there was the German Priceless Specials. You could link your Curve Card (strange but true) and another German or even Dutch card (strange but true), so you could ‘double dip’. Off topic…the surprise in the voice of the employee of my Dutch Creditcard issuer when I asked for a replacement card because of a data leakage on the German Priceless Specials site, I found very amusing. Credits for Curve (and N26), I did not have to ask for a replacement, they sent me an email about the issue and a new Curve card (and some nice stickers).

Especially curious about France @Will @Patrick_BB , any ideas?


Thanks @poeliev. I hadn’t realised that there is a Payback Visa card in addition to the Amex card that I have. That looks ideal. It seems extraordinary that the prepaid card has an annual fee (of €29 from the 2nd year) and that the credit card is free, as I would have expected the other way round. But the credit card suits me better, and I have a German address. I’m slightly worried by “Wenn Du die PAYBACK Visa Flex+ Kreditkarte aktiv nutzt, verfallen Deine gesammelten PAYBACK Punkte nicht”, as I had never realised that Payback points expired. Maybe I need to transfer them often to Miles & More before they expire?

Glad I could offer some help.

If I remember correctly that is indeed one way of preventing them from expiring. Have not visited the site anymore since I found out that I could not apply, so not to sure how it was exactly stated.

Since you have a German address you might just also keep an eye on the O2 card, since they are reconsidering the transfer rate from MB to Amazon vouchers (as written on their website). This rate used to be ok, but is very poor now.

There might be even other free German Creditcards out there with some points or rewards, but I may not have found them or forgotten about them, since I was specifically looking for a Debit Card (since I can not apply for a German Creditcard).
If you also have an address in the Netherlands… :wink:

Sounds great for the Amex payback card !..I just have the green Amex card , member since 1988, but no cashback… The Amex Payback seems to ask you leaving in Germany, that’s right. No chance to see it coming to France.
I do have a Visa Infinite card, each time i spend over 100euros i have 2.5% on the amount over the 100eurs. ===> i.e, if i spend 280euros, i have 2.5% cashback on (280-100) 180euros. But it’s a special arrangment between the user and the bank.
And a few years ago, i had with my job a UK mastercard credit card with the Royal bank of Scotland, (RBS), and there was a cashback but only on selected purchases. But i don’t remember about. Pat.

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If you ask Amex to open a card account in another country based on the strength of your payment history on your existing card account, your “member since” date gets copied to the new country. I used to think that the “member since” date was an irrelevant status symbol, but in the United States, Amex reports this date as the account opening date to the US credit reference agencies. So if you get a US Amex card, you will suddenly gain a very long US credit history!


Seems to be a good new :slight_smile: . i was living and working 4 years in USA in miami( 1996-2000) but at that date i never used to obtain a US amex card.
If i go back to USA for my retirement, i’ll ask to obtain a US amex…:slight_smile: 40years credit history… waouuu !! Thanx NFH…Pat.

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AmEx Payback and Visa Payback earns less m&m than the DKB LH m&m MC.
Just get the “Gold Credit Card Business”, earns 1:1 and comes with a 15k sign up bonus.

You can find a current disccusion about the card here:

This card has a monthly fee of €9,16

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Evey card in Germany that has value costs money.

Nope… Visa and Amex Payback have no monthly fee…02 banking MasterCard has no monthly fee. With all these cards you can earn rewards/points/miles on your spendings.

Really helpful response, @poeliev. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hm, I think the Payback Amex is already the best deal you can get for free, at least with a German address. I use it, too, for pretty much all of my purchases. My second go-to card is the Amazon Prime Visa which earns me 3 % cashback on Amazon purchases and 0.5 % on all other purchases. (So it’s the same value as the Payback Amex cashback for non-Amazon purchases.)

However, this only makes sense for people who buy from Amazon Germany regularly anyway (because it’s not paid out but credited to your Amazon account), especially for Prime members. The non-prime Visa only has 2 % cashback on Amazon purchases and has a 19,99 EUR yearly fee after the free first year.

The Payback Visa Flex+ is better than no cashback, but the 1 cent/point per 5 EUR spent is not really attractive.

The only other free cashback card I know of is the Santander 1plus Visa which doesn’t have a real universal cashback but offers a 1 % cashback on all gas station purchases (which is sometimes a nice addition to the Payback Amex which exludes gas station purchases).


Please post your question here:

This topic is not about bringing Amex back to Curve. So in this topic your post is off-topic.


@poeliev Thank you! I was looking for this topic and I found this instead. Thank you for your help.

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Other german cards with cashback/points

Annual fee: 59 Euro
1% cashback on every purchase

Annual fee: 97 Euro
Incl. insurances
2 Points per 1 Euro on every travel- and entertainment purchase
1 Point per 1 Euro on every other purchase
100 Points = 1 Euro credit
You need a minimum of 9000 Points to redeem the points.


You can register for BCEE “Spuerkees” (Central Bank of Luxembourg) and ask for the Miles and More Luxair MasterCard
it costs 110€/year and you receive 1M:1€

it already works with Curve :smiley:

Thats the card I use if they dont accept AMEX :slight_smile:
I have signed up for AMEX Brussels Airlines Premium where you receive 3M:2€
and 10.000 extra miles if you spend at least 20k € per 12 months.
it costs 150€/year, but you need to be living in Belgium or Luxembourg.


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As the OP asked for cards without annual fees, the suggestions of the ones that have 60-110 EUR annual fees might be missing the point to some extent, I’m afraid. :wink:


Thanks for all the really helpful replies. The most interesting one so far is @poeliev’s suggestion of the Payback Visa Flex⁺ Kreditkarte. Although its earning rate is very poor at €5 = 1 point (compared to €1 = 1 point with my existing Amex card), it nevertheless contributes to a Payback points balance that I’m already collecting with Amex, rather than creating another points balance for a different purpose.

The reason that I don’t want to pay an annual fee is that I live in the UK and my expenditure in the Eurozone is sporadic. If I was living in the Eurozone and spending in EUR every day, then I would consider paying an annual fee for a higher earning rate, like I currently do with my GBP-denominated Miles & More cards.

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The only other free cashback card I know of is the Santander 1plus Visa which doesn’t have a real universal cashback but offers a 1 % cashback on all gas station purchases (which is sometimes a nice addition to the Payback Amex which exludes gas station purchases).

The benefit of santander 1plus for me is free cash withdrawals worldwide, even if the machine charges a fee. But I think this will be lost if I use it with my curve card? Have you ever been able to confirm if this is true?