Red Metal is back!

Red Metal is back!

We’ve got news…

Our Red Metal Curve card is back!

The Red Metal Card is part of our range of glossy metal cards, which include Rose Gold and Blue Steel. Benefits include mobile phone insurance, live chat customer support and 1% cash back at six preferred retailers. You can earn cash back from major retailers including Apple, Deliveroo, H&M, Netflix, Auchan, John Lewis, Carrefour, Pret a Manger, Selfridges, Spotify.

The release of this batch of Red Metal comes days before May 17th, when the UK’s indoor pubs and restaurants finally open, and ahead of the highly-anticipated June 21st, when full physical restrictions lift.

The Curve Metal subscription offers a host of benefits catering to foreign visits. From competitive foreign exchange rates, to free travel insurance, airport lounge visits and free ATM withdrawals, at just £/€14.99 per month Curve Metal has you covered from point A to point B - and back.

Coming soon: Enhanced FX

We’ll also launch enhanced FX features in the next few weeks, giving you greater control and more transparency over your foreign currency transactions :rocket:


Please read our Terms of Service before upgrading to Metal or requesting a Red Metal card: Terms of Service | Curve


Daym! I literally upgraded to metal yesterday. Wanted the Red card but had to settle for the blue. Never mind, the blue one still looks nice though. Cant wait to receive it!



Does anyone know if the Metal cards have local BINs? I am very happy with the Blue card because it has a Spanish BIN and it works everywhere. To compare, my Binance card has a UK BIN and some transactions are denied because of it.

I would like to upgrade, but only if I manage to keep a local BIN.

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Yes, all Curve cards, so also the Metal ones, have local BINs nowadays.


Enhanced FX sounds interesting! i’d love it if we didnt have to pay xtra at the weekends. this one thing stops me using curve for a lot of foreign spend, especially recurring transactions, as if they ever landed on a weekend one month i’d get charged a fee!


I recently upgraded to metal to get the beautiful red one but it wasn’t there anymore and I got the blue one :frowning: Could it be exchanged somehow and for how much approx.

And one more stupid question. I have a balance on my curve cash account, see photo. How can I get it (spend)?

Thank you.

Support page on Curve Cash, including how to spend it.

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If you contact Curve support :phone: they will help you changing your metal card for 50 GBP fee. :money_with_wings:

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Any news on this?


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