Red metal unavailable and how long will blue remain active?

If I upgrade in the cure app from blue plan to metal plan, then I can only get a rose metal card or blue metal card, but not the red metal card that i can see on the curve website. what can i do?

Red Metal cards were limited edition.

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Oh my God. that is not good news. But I take note of it. I will then choose the rose gold and order myself. Many thanks for your help.

Will my curve blue be active and operational until my metal card is with me? or will my blue be blocked as soon as I click on upgrade?

Your Blue card will remain active until you activate your metal card, but your Metal benefits (e.g. 6 cashback retailers) will become active straight away.


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Anyone know what happend to the red metal card?, its gone from the app for me, but its still on the website

Bruh, then they shoud take it down from the site :face_with_raised_eyebrow:Rec

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Red cards are coming back mid May! :grin: Just seen the announcement