Refer a friend - app of friend won't open

Hi. Had a notification about referring friends, but when the invite is sent and the friend downloads the app from the link, the app won’t open. I live in Spain as do my friends. Is this why it doesn’t work? Any help greatly appreciated.

Possibly. Why not pop a VPN on the phone, connect to UK then install app. Should work. Turn your GPS off too.

Good luck

Not sure it is a good idea. I would first ask the support … Have a good week-end

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Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Same thing has happened to another of my referrals. I have a feeling this is designed for UK users, but no big deal. Would have been nice to have some spare bunce. I have emailed support but looking at some of the comments about woefully slow replies, I’m sure the promotion will be over by the time someone gets back!! All the best anyway, and cheers.

The app is available in Europe, you don’t need to use a VPN and turn off the GPS.


If you’re using Android, you can try clearing the app cache. Otherwise, you can apply to get into the Curve beta and see if that’s how the app works.

If you’re using iOS, log out and log in from the store and try re-downloading the app.

Link for join in beta:

if you’re still having problems, Tweet a DM @AskCurve

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Can you send me the invite link through PM so I can check? Mine works, when I click “Get Started” inside referral link it prompts me to the App Store.