Not quite sure what has happened but I cannot find my referral link, I’m sure you use to be able to get your referral link via the curve app but I cannot find it anywhere within the Curve App for Android.

Could someone, please offer some advice?

Many thanks in advance, much appreciated.

It’s at the bottom on the account tab under the ‘Promotion’ header, you might need to scroll down a little.

It’ can also be found under Settings (upper right corner) on the account tab as well.


How odd! I don’t have it, I’ve checked where you stated but nothing. However, I’m not sure if this makes a difference but I’m using the Curve App with Samsung Pay because my bank doesn’t allow the use of Samsung Pay…

I know the option use to be there but not anymore.

I’ve checked if my version is up-to-date and it is (v2.55.1)

Many thanks again for your help, much appreciated.

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Hey @ShaVerZ, welcome to the Community!

Do you have a Curve card / account and are using it with Samsung Pay or did you sign up for a Samsung Pay Card?

Many thanks for your time, I have the Samsung Pay Card…

Yes, it’s the same for me too. I signed up via Samsung Pay.

When I’m in the Curve app, I click the icon in the top right hand corner that looks like three horizontal lines with a tick and it takes me to the Discover Curve screen.

I click on the invite a friend and make a referral link and it takes me to the Settings screen.

There is nothing there from which I can get my referral code or share a referral link.

Incidentally, I also do not have a Rewards tab in the app either for some reason, despite being on the latest version of the app, on Android and in the UK.

Does anyone have a link for T&C’s for referrals?
I found only this, but I wonder if there is something with more details, like what are the conditions for the person I referred and me?

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Thanks a lot !

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