Referral code not showing in app


I’m super not excited, I’ve contacted customer services after my son sent in a message approximately two weeks ago as my referral code didn’t show on either my app or his newly installed app.
What’s going on here? No one has bothered coming back to either of us! I’m an investor and it’s not looking particularly good when no one replies to your messages.
I hope this message might provoke a reaction and someone at Curve will sort this problem out. He has the new card which has arrived but I won’t let him use it until the very basics are working.

I look forward to a reply.

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Hey, @ryan2305 thanks for returning to the Curve Community and for being an investor!

Sorry to hear about this issue with your son’s account. As this is a community site, we’re unable to offer customer support here, but it’s possible our support team can’t see your messages due to an error.

Might be worth popping a message to our social team on Facebook or by DM on Twitter @AskCurve so they can check on this for you there too!