Referring Curve - why have you done it? Or why have you not done it yet?

Hi! This is Alejandro, Head of Marketing for Curve.

You may have seen that yesterday we sent an email about how to refer Curve to friends and loved ones.

We are interested to know your stories:

  • If you have referred Curve already, why have you done so? Were you successful? Were your referred friends happy?

  • If you haven’t referred Curve yet to a friend or loved one, why is that? Have you considered it and desisted, or the thought didn’t enter your mind? What would Curve need to do to make you consider it?

Many thanks in advance for your input!

I referred my fiance several months ago, and she loves it. She didn’t get the point in any other fintechs I tried to get her to sign up for, but the idea of curve appealed to her.

I haven’t referred anyone else because I don’t like spamming people with referrals. I very rarely do it, and only if it’s a product that I’m absolutely certain the person in question will like. I’ve told a few of people about it, but none use enough bank cards to make it worth it - they tend to have one debit card and maybe a credit card, in which case curve is not very useful.


Thank you for your answer! Very valid point on the appearance of spamming.

What would make it more likely for you to refer us (or less likely for you to think you’re spamming while doing so)? What would we need to change?


I’ve referred a few people around me. Although one forgot to enter the code during signup so it wasn’t taken into account. Would be great to be able to add the code after signing up.

Also, as a french who lived in Canada, US and England, Curve’s selling point is different depending of the market.
In the US and Canada credit cards are common and having several of them is considered normal. A high number of them don’t have fees when spending abroad so the selling argument is combining all of them in one but only if the categories of spending can trigger the associated earnings.
In England, it’s similar but with less credit cards available. Since the foreign exchange fees are charged for most cards which yields points, the selling argument is double.
In France, we usually cary just one payment card which is often a combined debit/credit/charge card. Maybe one or two more if we have several bank accounts in different banks. Credit card aren’t common yet for everyday spending. It might get there eventually (hello Sofinco and the BA credit card).
Amex is present in France but not that many people have it and their marketing argument is benefits (insurance, miles/points) without changing bank.
So for the French market it’s going to be the no foreign exchange fees the main selling argument.
Also, the lower adoption of amex cards in France could help when this feature will be released in the EU.

Finally, every time people see my curve card, they get curious so the current design is a great way to engage the conversation about it.

I also want to add that if you were to release a premium/subscription metal card, please don’t do like Revolut and N26. Those are aimed at people who will make this service their man banking platform.
You aim at people which by definition have several cards and want to use them.
For example, I already have insurance, concierge, lounge access etc with my Amex and most people with a CC will already have some sort of protection so it’s useless to pay double for the same thing.
What I would be interested though, would be to make sure that any spend I do through Curve is eligible for insurance coverage by my Amex.


Thank you for your extensive feedback! Interesting comments about what Metal card benefits are interesting to you and which ones are not at launch.

Regarding your comment about adding the code after signing up, it is not done to avoid potential abuse - however, if it is truly a forgotten code we allow it case by case through Support.


To be honest, the metal card, just the metal card with the current black product would be a taker for me. I’m one of those who think it’s lame the Amex Platinum charge card is metal in the US and not here. I just love the metal feel! Although anything else that smartly complement my Amex Plat and the few hotel CC I currently own I will go for without any hesitation.

Sounds good, I will see if we can raise this with support after the card has been received.
I don’t see how there could be abuses if you only allow one referral code to be used per account in its lifetime. Obviously it has to be entered within a week/month of opening the account.

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Have referred a couple of folk over the months. Wouldn’t do it just now as much less confident in the usability/stability of the Curve app since moving to beta.

It’s a beta, this is what you have to accept when using a beta. If you were happy with the app before coming to the beta version, then why can’t you continue to recommend the public version?

This beta Programme is probably going to be a long one as it’s a lengthy process to get this right and ready, so people you refer will continue to have a good experience without the Amex wallet, and once all the bugs, issues and processes have been refined they can enjoy the wallet too!


I’m well aware it’s a beta, but in the 3 new versions released so far I’ve seen little progress/resolution of reported bugs, which has given me less confidence in Curve than before. Most other people I would refer would be for Amex acceptance so not going to do that until it’s live anyway.

Lots of changes happen in the back. Look at the changelog of Instagram for example or gmaps. They release a new beta every week but nothing big changes on the user end.

I referred a friend. We both use AMEX and travel a lot. On “insideflyer” was a topic about the return of AMEX to CURVE. That is why I joined and referred him. But I just found out that even at the general launch only UK AMEX will be supported so I am very sad. I regret having already spent GBP50 on Curve Black and consider myself mislead. I hope the support for EU AMEX will come soon, otherwise there is no additional benefit for me. I also use the Revolut card for cash withdrawals abroad.

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For me, there was a better promotion available if a different code was used so it wouldn’t feel right to refer my friend and let them get a worse deal at my benefit. In situations like this, I would almost call it a “refer-an-enemy” program.

Unfortunately I find most of those changelogs quite poor/generic, I wish they’d provide more detail! I don’t dispute they’ll be fixing issues, I’m just highlighting that I’ve not seen any change in the bugs reported in the original version. I must say it’s why I prefer projects that have open bug trackers, so everything is more transparent to the tester.

I’ve successfully referred Curve to two of my friends who happily use it. The selling point for one of them was the cashback and for the other one the preferable exchange rates. As far as I know, both are pretty happy about their experience. There are many other people I tried referring Curve to, but they seem not to need such product – they usually only have one debit card and don’t travel abroad. I believe that Apple/Google Pay in Curve would be a game-changer, as still only a handful of banks in Poland offer it.


Hi Alejandro

I think the wording of the referral screams ‘spam’. I always warn people I send my referral to to pre warn them. Would re-wording it help?



That’s great feedback. We’re looking into changing it to something our customers would truly say. How would you phrase it?

I think you should simply put more focus on letting people write a personalised message. These always seem more sincere and trustworthy, because many people have characteristic writing styles. Plus, not everyone uses English as their native language and this way you would offer users a possibility to explain the idea the way they really want to.

If you really want to have a pre-defined message, though, I’d focus on the product itself rather than the 5 pounds you can get for signing up. You could mention the 1% Cashback, though. Even though that is some sort of perk, it doesn’t seem that phishy. 5 quid offer might look for some as “send your data to get money” sort of scam, and honestly it’s hard to blame them. It should be a specific person’s work to persuade them that this is a legit offer, and that might have higher success rate since people tend to trust their friends more than automatic messages, no matter how well-worded they are.

P.S I’ve referred Curve to two new friends today, yay!

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How about…


As promised, here’s the code you’ll need to sign up to Curve and get you’re £5


Go to and follow the instructions. Don’t forget you’ll have to manually enter the earlier code during signup for it to work. If you have any problems or questions, let me know.

I’ll be notified when you’ve done it because I get £5 too :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy having all your cards in one


I see your point completely. However having spoken to them, first, I’ve pretty much covered all that. So the important bit, after, is to ensure the referral code is entered at sign up. Thereafter, I usually do my own micro-support to help them along if they need it. Most don’t need it as it’s very simple/intuative

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I live in Sweden and wont refer it to anyone outside of UK until you let me use my Swedish Amex and get me a metal card. Stop spoiling your UK market and treat us equal or we go to a non Brexit card company :wink: