Referring Curve - why have you done it? Or why have you not done it yet?

Fair enough, we’ll make Amex happen :smiley:

We would love to spoil everyone at once, there are just some regulations to consider when offering financial products across borders :nerd_face:

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I second this feedback.

So come to Sweden then. We gladly accept any migrant and won’t leave the EU any time soon. :slight_smile: I regret joining curve since i did it due to Amex and being informed it was coming. Then only to find out it was UK only once i had paid 50 euro for it and got a cheap wallet for that “value”. I travel four days a week and would scream from the roof tops if you had Amex from Sweden and also the ability to use it for Apple pay currently only offered by two credit card suppliers in sweden…

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Just referred for first time and it’s slightly confusing - see screenshots below:

Here I can see my code and somehow I’m expecting that my promo code will be shared via channel I’ll select in next step.
Once message is selected, my code is not present - so Okay, it’s probably in shortened URL…but it’s not!

I tried to do it on different device and shared message was different, with promo code inside the message :confused:.

When I was going to Asia with a friend, I told him about the card and he order one and during our trip to Japan and South Korea, we loved having the cards with use, I still use mine even here in Europe but I plan to go back to Asia so I can’t wait saves some cash there :grinning:

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Thank you for this! We are working on unifying messages and user experience across different operating systems. As you say, the code should be present in the message, and in the future it will be.


I have referred a few mainly black account customers because it is great idea and to support curve…to my now embarrassment.

I am not referring any more since the appalling (proposed?) Treatment of black account holders as subscriptions roll out - complete breach of trust!

(“Lifetime” black account will be forced to go subscription or downgrade)


I’ve always been reticent to refer, because of the slow CS and poor comms - hard to say what is ever going on with Curve.

The rewards structure has always been very confusing and the help pages are often out of date… Or missing

Simple bugs take forever to get fixed as well, which I suspect means they are trying to do too much at once or don’t have the engineering capacity they want.

So it’s hard to tell people “here’s a product that’s not quite there yet, but could be great in six months”.


Can’t agree more with you and I’m happy I only referred people to the Blue product. I would have felt so so bad otherwise.


I won’t be referring anyone to Curve until they clarify how Black customers will be treated after they introduce their subscription product. To think I was so excited and told everyone about this great fintech company.

Just another bank folks.


No they actually listened compared to other banks. Curve Black will be staying but if you leave it then you would either have to downgrade to blue or have the subscription model

If your friends signed up before the subscription launch they can become grandfathered.

We’re not a bank :slight_smile:


Unlike Remy, I don’t think that the French market’s main selling argument would be the absence of foreign exchange fees. Too many actors on this particular market : N26 and Revolut, but also online banks like Fortuneo or Boursorama that would only charge a 1,97% fee on withdrawals or card operations.
Also, I don’t really agree with the “carry only one card” usage that has quickly evolved with the agressivie referral/welcome politics of the online banks, including Amex.

But unlike GB, there are just two actors in the “fidelity points” market : Amex and Vueling card marketed by Sofinco. Remy mentioned BA card, but I think it’s not ready yet (nor is the Iberia one).

I personally was interested in Curve to charge my french AMEX…
Unfortunately, it seems not eligible for now.
BTW, would appreciate to know if it will be in the future.

Recently upgraded to Curve Metal and excited to receive it in the post. Had my emails through which allow you to post to Facebook.

It would be easier for me if there was a link to share my recent upgrade on Instagram either as a picture or story on there. Also gives me the option to make it more personal then rather than “just a share” or be considered marketing.

It’s a strange one as it’s difficult to say, hey look at my new card, you should get one, without making it sound like you’re trying to sell something. I think are doing well in terms of the design because when I do get the card, I expect people will say “that’s a cool card, who do you bank with” then you’re friends or others are starting the conversation rather than you for you to make a referral.

Time will tell, like a big kid around Christmas waiting for my new card to come. :slight_smile:

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I referred various persons, but most of them still haven’t received their card, more than a month after having registered and added some cards in the app…
I’m afraid that they will get tired and then not have much faith in Curve…


I referred various people as I genuinely felt they would benefit. I think I’ve had a 70-75% success rate, as some people ended up going for other companies. All those I’ve referred seem to be happy, some even participated in the investment round. I do enjoy ‘selling’ the concept/brand to friends as I’ve backed it since the very beginning.

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I joined on the recommendation of a fellow regular traveller but even I am considering downsizing to the Blue as I am not travelling as much and to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless they were travelling every month as I used to.

I just find it convenient when I am abroad but back home, unless I am out for the evening and want to limit what I carry, I can’t use it to pay money INTO the bank, so it is of little day to day use for me. Especially as the place where I freelance now offers us an online top up which is way more convenient …

I have referred people in the past but am not going to be in future given their poor record in following consumer law/regulations and their recent changes in charges (i.e. Curve Fronted) especially as it can now be more expensive to use Curve for a transaction instead of the underlying card