Refreshing the app

I’m sure the team has a lot on its plate, what with reshaping the benefits packages across the brand, but I’d like to see some dedicated resource to updating the app.

Such as the ‘Whats new’ item on the home screen. It’s not helpful as it stands. Rather show it when there’s something new to announce?

Other examples stand out (to assist the developers)?


I think the app has seen huge improvements in the last month. Unfortunately, all the improvements were simply undoing bugs, regressions and design failures introduced in January. Hopefully now that most of those are fixed, the momentum will continue and the app will get better :crossed_fingers:

(This is on android - I don’t know what state iOS is in)


Good point - I’m on iOS.

Hi @Graham, thanks for the nudge! We are working on refreshing the look and feel of the apps, and that’s the first screen our team is working on. We will give you more details as we go :wink: