Refund does not appear in application, does it take a lot of time?

One question, they have made a refund to my curve for a purchase, but that refund does not appear in the application or in the associated card, do you know if it takes a few days to appear?


A refund can take around 5 working days or more. Sit tight for now.

It seems to take much time as usual. I had a refund from PayPal on Oct 20th but not received as of today.
I have sent an email to the support, waiting for an answer…

This made me thinking - Do I understand it correctly that when merchants refunds purchase made with Curve card (for example online purchase), then we wait 5 working days for merchant’s refund actually get to Curve card and then again 1-5 days (for me it took 9 (!) for this refund to go to underlaying card?

Yes absolutely :confused:

Well, on my curve I got the refund, but not on my card, I guess we will have to wait too, right?