Refund is missing


On the past 6th I bought two items on worth €137.80 each (€275.60 total) from a seller named “SyataDishmaya”.

Payment was made with my Curve card (**** 1910) , which includes several of my credit cards. In these cases, purchases were made using the “Curve” card associated with my “Cofidis” credit card.

On the 7th, I receive a message from the seller informing me that I had canceled the purchases due to the carrier allegedly not shipping to my address (strange and recurring situation according to the seller’s feedback on Amazon, which I have already reported to Amazon), and that it had already issued the two refunds. That same day I receive two emails from informing me that refunds have been issued.

On the 8th I receive confirmation in the Curve application that one of the refunds has been received and I confirm it on the Cofidis credit card
(associated with Curve) that the value has already been received.

Since that day I have not received the second refund issued by Amazon. I contacted Amazon support, which is surprised not to have received the refund as they were issued at the same time (same day, same minute). They sent me all the information regarding the refunds and it looks OK from Amazon.

I contacted “Cofidis” customer support several times and they inform that they only have information about one refund received so far.

I have also tried to contact “Curve” customer support several times (by email, by form, by app chat) and so far have not had any response from them.

It seems to me that the money is “stuck” in the Curve which went to where Amazon made the refund (my “Curve” card which was the card used in the purchase). It’s been more than 10 days and so far I don’t have any information about the missing refund in the amount of €137.80.

At this time I stopped using my Curve card in all transactions that may involve a future refund (Amazon, etc.) because I lost confidence in the product and the lack of support from the support in this situation seems serious for a company that wants to establish itself in the market.

Does anyone have any idea how I can solve this problem (some entity I can turn to) or can I just hope that Curve support will eventually answer me and replace the missing money?

Greetings to all

Hello @Sys7eM
I have almost the same problem right now, would you pls share what your solution was if you found any? I would really appreciate your help.
Thanks a lot!

Hi Zsofikapornay, I was checking and the second refund was paid on the 19th of that month. I don’t remember all the details but I know that at the time I contacted Amazon support, Curve and the credit card associated with Curve. The situation was resolved, but since then I use the credit card directly for purchases in which I may need to receive refunds. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, but please contact the support of all the entities involved.

I am still waiting for a refund that happened over a year ago from Curve.
and yet they fail to address this issue. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Hello @CurvedEquity,

Did the merchant give you an acquirer reference number? This number is important to track down the refund and to see if its stuck somewhere.

You can send the social media team a message on Twitter they can check your ticket and re-prioritize your case or/and solve misunderstandings.

The ARN alone cannot issue you a refund if the payment is stuck, in this case open a dispute here: for “Credit not processed, 4853”