Refund issued to an expired VISA card

I booked a flight of originally € 823,88 with Merchant KLM which was charged on 25th March at my MCO Visa Debit Card via Curve GBIT. However last week the flight got cancelled by KLM and an amount € 808,97 of was refunded on the 6th of July.

The problem I have is that the transaction was refunded by Curve to my MCO Visa Debit Card which was charged for the original purchase. However this card had an expiry date of 05/2022 so the card expired in the meantime.

How do I get my money back asap I would like to book a new flight and this is a lot of money for me?

Can you refund the refunded amount to my current MCO Visa Card or better one of my other creditcards in the Curve app?

Thanks for your reply.

With kind regards from the Netherlands,

Hi and welcome to our community.

The refund probably has been sent to your expired MCO card, so it eventually should land in your MCO account. If Curve couldn’t match the refund to a specific underlying card it will be send to your Curve cash wallet.

By the way you posted your message in the user community. We don’t have access to your account here, so can’t see what might have happened to your refund.
Curve support can be reached in several ways, one of them is by email:

Hi poeliev,

Thank you very much for your immediate reply. Unfortunately MCO is of no help so far…
When the refunnd appeared in the Curve App last week 6th of July i asked for help for this transaction via the In App Chat but no answers until now from Curve. I also send in email last Friday to also no answers to my questions about this refunded transaction. I do not understand why Curve sends refunds to an expired Visa Card i would offcourse have preferred my Curve cash balance or one of my valid Visa cards…

Moreover yesterday a second transaction (i cancelled the airportparking) has been refunded to the same expired MCO Visa card so I would really like a reply from either Curve (or MCO) what can be done to retrieve my 2 refunds asap and get the money back on my cashbalance or an active card. It seems hard to get into contact with a human rather than a bot giving some random answers…

Any further suggestions what i can to resolve the problem. Do you think Curve can still do something for me with these 2 refunds like rerouting the refunds to my cash balance or active card or do I need MCO to solve this problem for me?

Thanks for you answer.

Contact Curve on Twitter @AskCurve

If Curve already has sent the refunds to your MCO Visa card it’s MCO that should be able to help you.

Normally this shouldn’t be any problem (if the expired card would have been one of a high street bank), but with MCO…

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