Refund issues [was Wirecard: Refunds]

Nothing yet for me, waiting on quite a lot for a refund. No idea if it will come today, now at this time. :grimacing:

Yes this will really be the test now…

Still nothing for me too. Not very surprised :roll_eyes:

Time machine is not available for this transaction

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I just wished that Curve were really transparent about when the refund will be received, its really stressing me.

Today I got a refund and how it is presented in Curve is quite strange:

  • June/29th I purchased the tickets, £28/€33.08, no issues here

  • Today, I get a refund in Curve cash for £27.60 (the amount is right, is what First Bus refunded), I may or may not like it going into Curve cash, but looks working as expected.

  • But also today I see a new transaction for £28/€30.79 on my underlying card (I need to wait at least until Monday to see in the card account if there was any real operation). When opening this transaction I can see “This purchase was partially refunded. Original purchase £28.00”.

Leaving aside the fact that with this information there is no way to see the real refund (see Refunded transactions process), how am I supposed to understand this? Did I get the refund on Curve cash and the other transaction is just informational (and absolutely misleading)? Did you make a mistake and refunded me twice (I don’t think so)?

Please, double check the new-even-more-complicated refund process and the information the app provides.


The problem is that the Curve timeline is incorrect. It doesnt remove AUTHs, previously it has removed the original charge but then added the refund as +
So I highly recommend to only use the underlying cards statements to be 100% sure what has been credited / debited

Agree, but …

  1. it is something they need to fix eventually

  2. the information in the second transaction, with the partial refund is so misleading that is worse than not having anything at all. They don’t tell the real amount refunded in the original currency nor the amount refunded in the underlying card, tho in this case as the refund goes to the wallet, it not real exchange performed. There is no mention either to the fact that the refund is done to the wallet.

  3. And needing to use the underlying card statement weakens in my opinion one of the leitmotiv of Curve: one single card to rule them all :wink:

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I fully agree.
It was raised by me on April 07 already, see here: All current Android bugs

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Got the refund! :grinning:


I’m still waiting :frowning:. Edit: hurrah, 2 refunds sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

Apparently all refunds are now complete…

I have 1 of 3 returned thus far

I have my 4 refunds. Finally !

My refund is also missing

Refund still missing.

All refunds now received.

Only received 1 of 2 refunds so not complete…I thought they were going to the original card as refunds issued before the Wirecard issue but first gone to Cash card.

So, it appears I have gone from having my money trapped with wirecard to my money trapped as curve cash

I’m not sure how I’m any better off here…


Not really trapped, as you can spend it…

Why does it show 29th January in the screenshot then?