Refund issues [was Wirecard: Refunds]

Sorry, but WTF?

Weren’t all the refunds refunded?


that’s the same message, letter for letter, as the one I received 10 days ago :thinking:… it seems the bot that replies to support requests did not get the memo about refunds being supposedly completed… :roll_eyes:



I’m in the same boat.

Two purchases/refunds. Refund A credited to Purchase B, while refund B is completely missing.

This is very frustrating… 750€ over here.

Same. I had a chargeback dispute in € and have had curve cash credited in £. Really not very useful.

As far as I can tell, the refunds issued prior to the 27th-2PM are not processed yet, but there is conflicting information going around. I haven’t received a single reply to my tickets in over 10 days so I can’t elaborate much, but my personal experience so far is as follows:
(I was waiting on 2 refunds)
Refund A, issued on the 26th - Still missing;
Refund B, issued after the 27th - Already have it on my Curve Cash.

well… received the same one myself after raising a support ticket yesterday

I’ve had a look at your account and I can confirm that we’ve received your refunds for XXX GBP and YYY GBP. However, we’re currently unable to process these back to your account.
Please let me assure you that we’re closely monitoring the situation at Wirecard and your Curve account is safe. You can keep up to date with any developments by following our community post here.

Have a great day, stay safe and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop if anything changes.


For what it’s worth I didn’t receive that standard reply which was quoted here a couple of times to my second ticket now.

Instead it was a short message that they will look into it and be back as soon as possible.

Fingers crossed.

today I got next message from support for refund from 25 of june:

I really don’t understand – “we got your money, but we can’t transfer it to you” lol

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I understand your frustration, but I think you’re confusing a (bank) transfer with a card refund transaction. The two are very different processes. Curve no doubt does not have the functionality to refund an underlying card from a credit balance held by Curve (with Wirecard). Therefore a new one-off process probably has to be built to carry out these refunds for thousands of transactions.


thank you for your message and opinion.

By the way curve cash is also fine for me.

:construction_worker_man::construction_worker_woman:t4: Refunds → On Friday, we said all pending refunds would hit your accounts that evening. Unfortunately, processing the final few took longer than we had expected. For those still waiting, it will land in your Curve Cash cards tonight. We are so sorry for this rocky patch.

Still nothing.

Others still waiting?

yeap, nothing

Hey guys, just want to try provide some clarity on these refunds. I know it’s all a bit confusing and a little frustrating too, but thank you all for your patience and understanding! It’s been a big change for Curve and we’re still learning along the way.

The refunds that were, and are being, processed are being done in ‘groups’ based on the type of refund that it is. This is why you may not all have received them at the same time. I completely understand that the message we sent out about this may have been a little confusing, and this has been fed back to our team. If you’re still expecting a refund now, I’d recommend getting in touch with our team so they can be made aware and keep track of it for you.

In regards to receiving Curve Cash for a refund in GBP, when it was issued in another currency, as far as I know you won’t be able to convert this back to the original currency before transferring. However, if you lose out on any amount during the process our team will look into it for you. You won’t be left out of pocket for conversion rates, you’ll be able to transfer your full refund amount.


At least add the option
Then receive a refund
Transfer it in the original currency to a card

@Hannah Nothing short of Amazing to actually have you here - Thank You!

What is a little less amazing is that this

We all received the e-mail saying ”all refunds will be done” last Friday, then we had another message yesterday ”all remaining refunds will be done tonight”. Now we know that was not the case. Why didn’t those PR mail speak the truth?

It is hard to interpret those e-mails in any other way than ”all refunds”.
To find out that ”oh no, my refund didn’t make it - this time either” when the big bongo drum has been besten hard by the PR department saying ”all refunds” when that was and still isn’t true, that is not a very nice feeling.

This needs to be adequately addressed and there are good reasons as to why it reasonably should hold the highest priority.

Again, Thank You @Hannah for actually being here, acknowledging that the problem exists and for communicating - my hat goes of to you out of pure Respect!

Thank You!!!


Now Refund will go to Curve Cash instead of the original Payment card. It is something will move me away from Curve.

If I expecting a refund , I would like to go directly back to the card not credit it to Curve Cash with no option to transfer it back .


And in the correct currency…

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Okay… How it will work?

For example: I will recieve a refund of 1071 PLN it will be converted to 260 GBP. After that I will transfer it to my PLN card and it will be 1071 PLN again (the same conversion rate as on the moment od changing it to Curve Cash).


I will transfer it to PLN card - after conversion it will be 1067 PLN and Curve Support give me back my 4 PLN?

That reply from Will is totally unacceptable in today’s financial regulated world.

If I were you I would launch an official complaint and let them know that you are being ‘treated unfairly’ and unless they sort your refund immediately, you will take your grievance to Financial Ombudsman Service.

Just received the last refund I was waiting for!
Now I’m trying to decide if I should try to send it to myself from £ to € via transferwise (I still had the £5 from being referred siting there on my Curve Cash so that will more than cover any transferwise fee) or if I should wait for them to implement the “send it back to the original card” thing… I haven’t had any reply from support in almost 2 weeks so I’m not sure If I feel like going back and forth with “I didn’t receive the full amount back because of fees” once they allow it to be sent back to the original card… :thinking: :thinking: