Refund issues [was Wirecard: Refunds]

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Ive been having constant refund issues with curve for the past few months so i decided to track everything going on within my account only to fund multiple refunds were going missing constantly and the response i kept getting back was “There was an error processing the refund and it will be correct now”. If it weren’t for me noticing the missing money i doubt i would have ever got it back.

Coming up to 3 weeks now on this particular issue. I was expecting a refund of £105.95 to be paid back into my curve cash. I had a notification to say the refund i as expecting came in on the 4th August only to see it wasn’t processed as a refund. Instead of a refund of £105.95 i had a £9 charge that was classed as a partial refund but was not a refund at all, it was a £9 payment taken from my balance.

After contacting curve they tried to tell me they were able to see the refund was processed correctly and that the £9 is just a visual bug since the original transaction was £114.95 and it is displaying the difference in the original vs refunded amount. Im confused as to how they came to this conclusion because the original payment was £105.95 and NOT £115.95…

I have calculated everything that has come in and out of my curve cash account and its 100% clear the partial refund was a £9 charge. My balance comes to £0 as it should when calculated with the refund error how ever when calculating everything with the correct refund amount of £105.95 my balance is left at a total £114.95. The Refund + the £9 charge that was taken. I have tried to explain this to curve even with screenshots of everything including the calculations and they arnt listening to me. they are only going by what their system says when its been broke ever since wire card left. I dont know how else to get through to them. My tickets are not longer getting replies.

Image is attached of every payment in and out of my account. Please help.

Update Regardless of the proof im providing curve with they called me today to tell me they cannot see the error and wont be giving me the money. Not a clue what im meant to do now.


Hi Keaton, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

This is really strange but it does seem like something has gone wrong with your refunds from what I’m seeing here.

Unfortunately since we are users just like yourself, we have no backend access to Curve’s systems so I’m afraid to get this taken care of you will need to go through Customer Service.

I’ll add in the community manger to this post and hopefully she will be able to assist you further. @Curve_Marie

If you are still experiencing problems don’t hesitate to reach out on here.



I noticed a similar issue recently. I had a full refund issued and curve refunded everything except for €0.01.

The problem is, there are several systems broken right now that work together and make it impossible for the user to know what was actually charged, refunded,…
Display bugs:
AUTHs dont get removed, in the back office they are correctly removed
Receiving a partial refund: showing the refunded amount as charge instead of the “left over” charge

refunds: still received as curve cash + converted to GBP when they cant get matched to the original transaction

My advise:
Send an email to Curve to receive a pay out of each fully issued refund that was credited to Curve cash. They will then send a seperate SEPA wire transfer for each transaction to your bank account. This way you can match again it your records.


The issue is I’ve tried contacting curve but they seem like they don’t want to listen or accept what’s going on regardless of the proof I send them. I understand there may be a visual bug of some sort in the system but if they actually bothered to take the time to look into the proof I’m sending them they will see the math isn’t lying. I withdraw all my money via revolut so my balance was £0 in the cash card to make it easier to see descrepencies and if the refund was actually done correctly with a visual bug I would have £114.95 in my account but I don’t. Emails, tickets and phone calls I’m just getting mugged off.

I feel like I need to escalate this even higher but don’t know where.


I know that the last Curve feature to refund was rolled back, but there is any way that users can keep the feature of Refund directly on Curve Card?

For me it was really a Game Changer because of speed that I can get my money back.

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I’m sorry if this has been asked already, but the thread is just tl;dr at this point. I have been refunded four transactions on my Curve Cash card. Initially at the start of July it was just “a matter of 1-2 weeks” until all refunds on Curve Cash could be pushed onto any desired underlying card. After that the time estimate changed to “at the end of July”. Two months later we’re in September now and it still isn’t possible? I can’t lie, this is getting really frustrating as I have had to pay nearly 400 euro that I actually don’t even owe my credit card company. When will this be solved?

edit. Only now realised how I completely misused the term ‘tl;dr’, but oh well…

Contact the support and ask them to transfer you refund in Euros to you ordinary bank account. If they refuse, demand get in contact with a manger. That helped me.

Den ons 2 sep. 2020 10:45pat via Curve Community <> skrev:

Just used freeze card option and stopped using Curve. I am absolutely fed up of this refund mania and loosing money.

I would contact the Financial Ombudsman at this point to be honest. It seems like you are at a dead lock situation.

My Curve account was credited with £29.95 on 3 August 2020. This credit has not appeared in my default card account.

Other threads suggest 3 or four days for this to show but it is now four weeks and nothing!!

Have reported this on Curve app (Report a problem) but no response!

Should I be worried?

Credited as in a refund? Refunds will be not be refunded per se to the ‘default’ card, but to the underlying card that the original purchase was made with (which could be the ‘default’ card, but can be another card). If the original underlying card can not be determined the amount will be refunded to your Curve Cash wallet.
After the merchant made the refund it indeed should only take a couple of days to show up.

Or…do you mean that the amount is already in your Curve Cash wallet? In that case it will stay there (for you to spend), it will not be moved automatically to an underlying card.

If you are waiting a couple of weeks now for the refund to appear and for a response from customer support I think it is time for a friendly nudge. You might consider using Twitter for that @askcurve.

Hi poeliev, and thanks for your prompt response.

Yes, this was a refund and appears in my Curve Wallet and Settings as +£29.95 (in green).on 3rd August. When I received my underlying card statement, all other transactions are showing except this one!

…and, no the refund is not in my Curve Cash wallet!

Very interesting!

The refund to the underlying card takes FOREVER !! When will we have curve cash again ?

For me it’s instant. Same when I do GbiT. Maybe your bank is slow?

It has to be my bank because when i got to curve cash before, i had in my curve cash balance instantly after i received the curve notification. Thats why refunds to curve cash are essential, so there is no bank variance

an option to receive refunds on curve cash or underlying card is pretty much a necessity at this point and it has no reasons to not exist

So my wife has an issue with refunds and go back in time, she purchased something using her credit card (by accident) carried out a go back in time and that went through successfully, the payment went away from the credit card and showed under her debit card, now this is when the problem occurred.

The payment was never made to my wife’s credit card and the authorisation code for the debit card was finally rejected so the money became available in the bank account. This defeated the whole point of go back in time and now even if she wanted to do it again she couldn’t because on the app the transaction is now showing under the debit card.

When my wife contacted curve they sent a reply (eventually) saying it must have been an issue with the debit card and to contact the bank, so she did that and the bank (NatWest) said there was no issue with the transaction it was never taken by curve to pay the credit card, so what on Earth is going on?

She has also had a problem which was self inflicted by our 3 year old son getting good at working out how Amazon works, he ordered roughly £170 worth of shopping, now Amazon day they don’t take payment until something is dispatched which is utter rubbish as the payment was taken straight away, my wife contacted Amazon to cancel all the orders then sent Curve a message to expect a refund to go back on her credit card, they sent her a message saying the refund is back but it’s not showing on her credit card, nor is it showing in the app? Something is seriously wrong.

My wife on top of all this used her curve card for a small transaction to order a robot from our local store for delivery, they took the money but due to stock they were unable to charge her the full amount and refunded £17ish five or take, when my wife sent a message to customer service to say out of the full price only part was actually paid and for what they didn’t have in stock would be refunded. Curve have asked my wife for a receipt which she didn’t get because it was an order through Starships and they sent a notification stating the refunded items would reach her payment cars within 3 to 5 days that was on the 27th of July 2020 and she still hasn’t received her £17 where has this money gone?

@Curve_Marie I wonder if you could help us resolve this issue as she has not had the best experience with customer service to the point she has said she is done with Curve all together.

I normally wouldn’t mind so much but my wife and I are both investors in the company. I would find it appropriate at the very least she gets this resolved. I’m posting the article as she is not signed up for the curve community and she’s not a particular fan at writing these sorts of posts.

I’d be interested to hear back from someone so that we can resolve the outstanding issues and get customer support to be a bit more proactive in their approach when dealing with customers.

I’m to now wondering whether it’s worth it if these sorts of problems are going to continue.
(Both transactions were done after the wirecard issue)

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i have some serius issues with refund done by trading212

not all withdrawals from t212 to curve were allocated correctly by curve.
i got curve’s last reply on September 4th.

still lacking 970€ to be transfaired.
proof of transaction with anr numbers have been submitted to curve.

please and please finish this case asap!

kindly hannes