Refund missing

I have used my card 2 times at parfumedreams.
One refund which I triggered at parfumdreams was refundend.
But the other one which was refunded by parfumdreams did not yet arrive at my card.
It is also not anymore visible in my curve statement but still seen in my DKB statement as negative value.

I have chat to parfumdreams and they have send my a screenshot that they have refunded it.
I tried now 2 different email addressed and never got a confirmation that my case is or will be tracked.

The refund was triggered on the 4th of November and today we have the 17th.

1.) How can I communicate this incident ?

These 2 Emails addresses I have used so far : (as stated on the card)

2.) What is the right process that someone is looking inside the Issue?

Hey @crobunj, welcome to the community!

The process you’ve followed so far is correct - those are the correct addresses if you require any support.

Usually the team doesn’t take that long to respond, so I’d suggest sending them a message on Twitter too (@AskCurve) referring them to your existing ticket (perhaps provide them with your email address so they can find it quickly).

Let us know how that goes :slight_smile:

Last time I had a question an auto answer was coming to give the submitter at least a feedback.
However I don`t know what curve has changed in that process?

I`ll try my best on twitter

Strange - usually the auto reply for feedback appears when the ticket has been closed.

Hey there,

refunds from the merchant to curve can take up to 14 days (depends), once the refund arrived curve will initiate a refund.
The refund from Curve to your Bank can take up to 14 days (depends, or longer).

Since its not in your history anymore that means Curve has received the refund and issued a refund to your card. You said the refund was triggered on the 4th November so add 28 days on top and you have a date when you mathematically have your money back.