Refund never reached underlying card (double charge)

Here is update for you regarding my “Weird refunds” topic which was closed for unknown reasons without resolution.

I am not happy at all.

4 days ago I sent e-mail to (email title “Weird refunds”), where I raised concern that since I never got actually refunded on my underlaying card, there might be duplicate charge later (as delayed transfer).

And it was exactly what happened today.
Got 2 push notifications from Curve, that “Your … transaction was charged after you initially made the purchase”.

After reading push notifications and have seen that my underlaying card was charged with these new charges (currently pending on underlaying card, but I’m sure they will go thru), I sent another e-mail to and where I wrote same info I’m posting right now here. I got auto-response that e-mail is delivered. Silence since then. Heard back nothing from Curve support.

So, now I’m 28,37euro short on my underlaying card for those 2 purchases which was re-charged again and not refunded. I feel like I have been robbed. :frowning:

Stopping using Curve card till this is resolved (receiving actual refund).

Not sure, if there is any point to contact Revolut support at this point as those new charges are still pending. But after they are done if not heard back from Curve support, I think only option is to request chargeback via Revolut support.

It feels like something is not going well with Curve team at this point - certainly not feeling that those announced “X million” fund rising money are invested in company. :frowning:

Also I have notified that lately all Curve transactions make very long “pending” period on underlaying card, for example currently there is 3 transactions still “pending” from October 8th. Insane. I dont think it was like that earlier. Something is not right. Not good feeling that when using Curve card any transaction can “backfire” later (with fake refund, which never reaches underlaying card and then get re-charged later).

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Refunds can take a while before they post on your account. It’s usually 1 or 2 days, sometimes 1-2 weeks, and I’ve even seen up to a month with some issuers.

FWIW, I had a random refund of an Oct 4th transaction as well, and today it was also recharged on the currently selected card. I checked and the refund of the original transaction was processed on the original underlying card a couple of days ago in my case.

I’ve had this 2 or 3 times now since I started using Curve and so far it has always corrected itself eventually. Just keep an eye on it.

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Thanks for valuable info nvk ! So far I had maybe 2-3 refunds with curve previously and they were done same day if I remember correctly (after I contacted support and they answered me - maybe they speeded up things manually, I dont know).

Right now its 4 days after curve sent me refund notifications. Maybe holidays dont count. I dont know. I just hope there is not some problem due to my underlaying card beying prepaid ( Revolut). But previosly there were no problems and refunds did arrive in that card. Hope it will be same this time too. Will wait.

Hey @moon,
So sorry to hear you haven’t received a response from our Support Team yet. Can you please send me a personal message with your email address and I can chase this up for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok, PM sent.

Received answer from support.
Most important thing they said in answer is that: “Refund should be reflected on your underlying bank statement within 1-5 working days of the process date.”

In my case refund was done not on working day, so “5 working days period” is tomorrow. Will see If refund reaches my underlaying card tomorrow. So far - nothing.

Same thing happened to me!
The 3rd of October I went to a pub and I made two payments with Curve. One before midnight, which didn’t give me any problem, and the second one after midnight, so the 4th of October. I don’t know why this one was refunded. Can you (Curve) give me any explanation?

Automatic refund was becouse merchant did not take funds within 7 days period. Why? We can only guess. My guess is that there was some technical issue exactly when merchant tried to take funds first time.

Can I send you a personal message as well? I didn’t receive any answer from the customer support service too.

5 working days after refund date have passed and still no refund received.
But I will wait 5 more working days as I see that some other transactions shows as pending on underlaying card from October 10th (wtf really???), so I assume if taking money via Curve takes so strangely long, returning also might take the same amount of time.

If after 5 more days money not there I will contact Revolut support to see what they have to say.

The same here… I have “refund” mark on Curve card for transaction on 04/10, second time charged on 16/10 on revolut card, but no refund arrived in the card… only double charged on revolut card and both are completed.
And today received notification from Curve for another refund on 10/10 and if again I will be double charged for this transaction without any refund received in the underlying card it will be really concerning, because if I use large amount of funds I will be on negative balance in just a week

I can happily report that this issue has been solved. I finally received refund on my Revolut card. Faith in Curve (and banking system in general) restored. Will continue to use it, but keeping in mind that refunds take long time.
Short history:
a) 2 purchases were made in October 4th.
b) In October 12th Curve app shows push notification that they are refunded.
c) In October 16th both merchants re-takes funds second time as “offline” (delayed) transaction. No actual refund received on Revolut card.
d) In October 21th I got push notification from Revolut that both purchases refunded and money actually returned in to my Revolut acc.

Case closed.
p.s. Strangely enough when I look in revolut app refund date in revolut app are shown in October 14th, but actual refund was done in October 21th. Don’t know if its a bug or they think that putting it in more earlier date look better.

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