Refund not showing. emails/calls/chats being ignored


Amazon refunded a transaction on 22 Nov, but it hasn’t shown up in my Curve app. I’ve tried to use the in-chat app, tried to call… emailed… but I’m getting ignored. I think they just plan on keeping the money. Has anyone got an address to send a letter-before-action to, or do I just report them straight to the FSA/Wirecard/Somebody?

Hey @samshltn welcome to the Curve Community. Sorry to hear you have not received your refund yet. I can see that you first reached out to our team yesterday afternoon - our response time is 48 hours; please rest assured you are not being ignored. I can confirm that you have already received a response from them about this earlier today. Have a lovely day!


This is the first time I’ve ever seen Curve specify an expected response time - a small step, but an important one!

How about publishing some regular (weekly/monthly?) stats showing your success rate in meeting this goal?

I agree… But I would also like to see what constitutes a “response”… In a recent query I got a response within 48hours saying " We are looking into this". I didn’t then get a follow up with the actual solution for 8 more days…

Sending an email on a Sunday and then wondering why there is no response yet thou…

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Well, it’s more that I was wondering why they think it’s ok to keep my refund for ten days and not even acknowledge that they’ve got it.

I sent messages in the app, they were ignored. Tried to call, they weren’t interested. So that’s when I tried emailing, reviewing on TrustPilot, going on social media, asking on here… and that’s when I managed to get them to reply.

I still don’t have the refund yet, by the way. At least it’s showing in the app now, but they haven’t bothered to give it to my bank yet…

@samshltn - Sorry you’re having trouble, I’m afraid this is a pretty common Curve experience based on what I’ve seen here/experienced personally.

I can at least tell you that the money will almost certainly get back to you, although clearly not as quickly as it should. I’ve actually had a ‘lost’ refund paid to me twice, so you may even end up in profit :). I’ve always got my own issues resolved in the end, but you do need to be persistent.

For info if you do feel the need to escalate, you’d need to send a notice before action to the address listed at companies house ( While I understand your frustration, its probably a little soon for that. OTOH, might get their attention :).

@simonjh - good point, more metrics would be required to stop Curve ‘gaming’ the system with simple ‘still working on this…’ replies. That said, a lot of complaints I see here would probably have avoided going public if Curve had made any effort to keep the complainant informed. I think we all understand things go wrong, what’s more important is how problems are resolved.

I have normally found card refunds can take up to 14 days (not just on Curve) so personally I wouldn’t be too worried of it wasn’t showing up after a week.

I don’t think its appropiate to send a formal complaint for this case here. The user sent an email on the weekend and received a reply on Monday.
All good, I think we can close this thread.

After 11 days of variously calling, app chatting, emailing, and tweeting, Curve gave me my refund today. Please close this case. I’ll make arrangements to close my Curve account later today and just use my credit/debit cards directly in future to cut out all this fuss.