Refund of Preauthorisation amount

A few days ago a deposit of €1,000 was taken by a car rental company:

This was simply a holding transaction while I rented a vehicle for 3 hours and the preauthorisation was cancelled when I returned the vehicle.

However, the amount has shown up on my card as a transaction.

The rental company deny they ever charged the card – they maintain they only submitted a preauthorisation which was cancelled on return of the vehicle.

I have tried all day to get a response from Curve, but nothing… I was wondering if you good people might have had a similar experience? I have raised a query with the underlying credit card just in case…

Thank you.

Unfortunately this is quite common with pre-authorisations - it should eventually fall off and be refunded however I tend not to use Curve for deposits for car rental or hotels due to this issue. Sometimes Curve seems able to detect amounts and hold as only authorisations but I think that is more for hotels than car rental. I doubt the underlying card will be able to help - if you’ve emailed then they should get back to you in the next day or so but I’m sure it’ll get resolved.


Thank you for your reply.

I have been a little concerned as the in-app ticket function (help) is not working at the moment.

Additionally, both my wife and I have had all transactions declined this morning (from 3 different merchants – they did not even hit underlying card) so I cannot deny I was a bit worried that Curve was… absent(?!).

Yep, I know that’s meant to be how it works but I’ve seen quite a few post like from the OP where it hasn’t, so personally I would always just use a credit card directly. Many hire car firms (esp in the USA) won’t accept debit cards for deposits anyway.

If you’ve not had an email acknowledgement of your ticket I’d email them directly (address above).

Thanks… have done but still no confirmation of receipt… let’s hope it’s just in a queue!

My issue is that I live in a Euro country but my underlying card (Hilton HHonors Visa) is a GBP issued card… Where I live, HHonors only work with Amex in Euros – we all know that story! :-/

Ah OK - you can normally still give one card for deposit and then use another for payment if you wanted to ensure no currency conversion costs? If you’ve not had an autoreply from sending a message in-app I’d send a separate email to