Refund on a cancelled credit card


Unfortunately I can’t reach you in the service chat.

A few days ago I received a refund on a cancelled credit card. Can you please confirm how I can get that money? Is it possible to refund it on a different credit card or as curve cash?

As I will receive a few more refunds on that cancelled credit card it’s very important for me to fix this asap.


Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Your best bet would be to contact Curve via email you can contact them via the following email address

I hope that helps.

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Refunds with Curve work slightly different, where the refund is actually received on your “Curve account” vs the actual underlying card. Curve then looks to refund it to the underlying card. If that fails the refund then comes through as Curve Cash as a default - however best to let Curve know that this is the case (or just delete the expired card from your curve app if you haven’t already).

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Thank you for your help!

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